Top Actionable Strategies for Startups to Bolster their Online Business in 2020

September 1, 2020
Strategies for Startups to GROW their Online Business in 2020

Ever since people understood the business aspect of the Internet, digital marketing has become the go-to marketing channel. A report by InternetWorldStats reveals that there are more than 4.8 billion internet users. Moreover, Statista’s latest report informs that over 3.6 billion people have access to social media as well. When you run a compelling digital marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to increase online traffic, build brand value and secure customers. Utilize digital marketing in its purest form and pitch your business in front of a colossal audience. The traditional offline marketing is useful, but the difference in the target market is quite sizable. So, internet marketing is the way to go when you want to influence users worldwide and become an international brand.

Top Actionable Strategies

You can implement these top digital marketing strategies for your budding startup:

  1. Launch a Referral Program

With referral programs, you can reach a new chunk of the audience. If your client is happy with your services, there’s a good chance that they’ll refer you to people seeking similar solutions. To innovate the campaign, introduce a reward-based system where users get additional perks on referrals. To carry out a successful referral program, you need to hire a digital marketing expert who can take care of the campaign to ensure flawless execution from the beginning.

  1. Bag a place in Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets are the highlighted results that you see for any query. It is incredibly precious because the pages above your featured snippets are paid ads, i.e., they are paying for the same position that you’re getting for free. But, reaching there is equivalent to a steep hill climb, and you might not get a feature for months. It is among the most popular digital marketing strategies top ad agencies use for clients because it separates you from the rest. You get an insane traffic boost, and the leads are of excellent quality. 

  1. Host Online Contests 

Top digital marketing strategies in 2020 revolve around innovation and engagement. Hosting online contests is the best way to achieve enhanced social engagement with your prospective audience. If you’re not aware of how the content system works, you can hire a digital marketing expert and tell your side of the story. It’s critical because you get consistent traffic, increase word-of-mouth publicity, and get an idea about where your brand stands in the digital marketplace. Don’t disappoint your audience by offering cheap compensation. Select a prize that justifies the audience that you’ve pulled-in with the contest. 

  1. Explainer Videos 

A person remembers visuals for more extended periods in comparison to written content. Therefore, video marketing is now becoming the mecca of visual marketing. Explainer videos that explain your brand motto, your short and long term goals, along with the offerings you have worked wonders to achieve. They gain clarity about what you offer, and more importantly, your name stays in their mind for long durations, thanks to the power of visual media. Ensure that you include a CTA (Call-To-Action) in your explainer videos too.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines hold the key to the kingdom of success for any digital entity. As per HubSpot, Google processes more than 70,000 queries every second. With SEO, you increase your chances to rank on the coveted first page of Google. It would help if you had visibility when you seek online growth. People don’t know about your services unless you show up now and then when they search for something you offer as well. It is unskippable and hence one of the top digital marketing strategies for online businesses.

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing

Entrusting customers to act upon your CTA can be tricky online, especially with so many phishers and scammers waiting for them to commit a mistake. Therefore, you can hire a digital marketing expert who would then design an omnichannel marketing campaign for your budding venture. Such movements include a multifaceted sales approach where you represent your brand on multiple channels. This helps the visitors to know more about you, and once satisfied, they become customers. 

  1. Mobile Device Optimization 

According to a report from Statista, more than 51 % of internet traffic is actually from mobile devices. So, your digital presence must be compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. Google has a tool that instantly checks for mobile phones compatibility. Use it to develop a website that offers a seamless experience to the users who prefer screens.

  1. Improve your Landing Pages 

“The first impression is the last impression” is a saying that never gets outdated. A similar concept applies to the world of digital marketing as well. Here, your landing page is the first impression you give to the visitor regarding your digital venture. So, it needs to be customer specific yet attractive at the same time. It’s recommended to avoid flashy colours and unnecessary pop-ups that might frustrate the visitor. Please keep it simple, classy, and offer clarity about your services and vision. 

To Conclude 

Digital marketing has empowered several businesses to grow exponentially and earn a loyal customer base online. The path to success, of course, has numerous obstacles that a venture needs to overcome. But, when you hire a digital marketing expert, you can say goodbye to all your worries. The implementation of these techniques requires expertise and innovation. If you want to ensure that everything is done with perfection in one go, a digital marketing expert is an optimum choice. When your business gets popular, you’ll see the growth in leads, and eventually, the conversion ratio will also reach the set targets.