Case Study 1

AR based mobile app for an Australia firm

The client wanted a mobile app that acted as a real-time publishing tool that connects print collateral to deeply layered multimedia experiences onsmart phones or tablets via augmented reality.

The solution offered by our virtual employees

We created mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms that use best-in-class software to recognize any image (print, creative, outdoor, point of sale, newspaper,poster, brochure.etc.) without the requirement of 2D codes or watermark.
Users simply scan the creative and are delivered engaging content that can be updated in real time, providing a consistent brand experience across allpaid and owned media.

case study
How it helped the client

The applications are now running successfully on all platforms and getting lots of positive reviews, helping our client to grow their business.

Our application build also provided these additional benefits to our client:

  • Reduction in the disconnect from print to digital allowing for seamless 360° communication (connects: print, websites, blogs, social, experiential)
  • Increase in audience growth and retention
  • Growth in active engagement and dialogue with the brand
  • Enhancement in social media brand presence via content sharing and URL embedding
  • Value addition for readers as the content is perceived as bonus or additional, and not part of ‘buy’
  • Becoming a content portal, a reader resource via category content stream and archive, and content lives beyond on-sale dates
  • Providing audience data and market research

This app is now Australia’s leading augmented reality platform with over 860,000 local downloads, an average session time of over 5:30 minutes and 300,000 scans per month.

Case Study 2

E-commerce portal for a US stationery giant

Located in Dallas, USA, the client is a reputed kids’ stationery goods manufacturer and retailer with a broad customer base. Their niche is funky, colorful stationery and their aim was to create a robust, snappy, secure e-commerce website its stationery products.

The solution offered by our virtual employees

We created a stylish, easy to use e-commerce website from the ground up loaded with features:

  • Interactive pictorial view of the full product line with 360° spin, updated pricing and availability status
  • Highly secure shopping cart designed for both for both web and mobile e-commerce
  • Secure payment storage facility with capability to store multiple credit / debit cards and suggest favorite payment methods
  • Easy navigation and functionality on all hand-held devices
  • Efficient management of delivery details, automatically updated by stock
  • Easier and faster payment methods, with one-click payment and next day delivery for qualified products.
case study
How it helped the client

The client was extremely pleased with the finished product and commented that “The new site is easy to use and very attractive. Our click-to-purchase throughput has increased by over fifteen percent.”

  • This site has now become one of the top-ranking websites in its genre
  • Without the site functionality and maintenance concerns, our client can now focus more on growing their business
  • Online sales reached a record high just 8 months after the site launch
  • Because we included comprehensive e-commerce training in the development package, our client has not required any assistance since the launch
  • Our client has now asked us to extend our solution to his subsidiary offerings as well

Case Study 3

Blockchain based solution for an Australian client

Our client wanted an app to promote high levels of collaboration and connectivity as well as user engagement. He wanted a solution that supports businesslogic flows by strengthening security and usability.

The solution offered by our virtual employees

We created a simple and secure interface for managing private trade agreementsusing blockchain technology. With a user-friendly dashboard based on the Material-UI component library intuitive user interface, flow management was simplified, hiding complex logic under simple forms,cards and lists.We also created an organization builder user panel for buyers and sellers which had the following features:

    • Exploring warrants ownership history.
    • Creating trading agreements known as ‘Deals’.
    • Determining whether the deal should be public or private, closing warrant history for further owners.
    • Managing deals, assigning approvers and adding buyer organization.
    • Confirming deals when agreement conditions are fulfilled.

Utilizing blockchain technology we held all deals, users and warrants data privateas unalterable digital ledgers. The list of access control rules ensures that users are authorized to retrieve only specific pieces of informationfrom the ledger and nothing more.

case study
How it helped the client

The final build is a highly secure client server utilizing blockchain architecture. It relies on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain under hood, which creates a secure and decentralized ecosystem providing data persistence. This architecture also allows users torevisit the transactions history whenever audits are required.

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