Optimal Virtual Employee has been helping small to large businesses of all kinds streamline their operations, create and refine their websites, develop applications and get started since 2008 in countries all around the world.

We offer cost effective and customizable services that can help your business scale faster than ever before. We offer the best possible and a wider pool of virtual employees who can work according to your required working hours. We believe in long term business relationships with a focus on quality.

Our experienced team of professionals provides expert service in software development, web development, mobile app development, website design services, digital marketing, website & mobile app maintenance, content services, big data management, virtual assistant services and call center quality assessment.

We have main operations office in India, along with global presence in Australia, USA, UK, South Africa and the Philippines.

We have helped startups, software product development companies, digital agencies and enterprises to simplify their outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-market. Need a virtual employee? Let’s talk!


Our Executive Team

dharmesh shah

Dharmesh Shah Operations Director

Loves golf and cricket

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dharmesh shah

Shantanu Dublish Marketing Director

Known for analogies and witty answers

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dharmesh shah

Marc Bishop General Manager-Operations

Loves parties and his drinks

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dharmesh shah

Ronnie R Arora Global VP-Marketing and Corp Comm

A fitness freak who loves drinks

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dharmesh shah

Raghbendra Kumar Jha Chief Financial Officer

Loves to collect degrees

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dharmesh shah

KV Gautam Head-Digital Marketing

Loves reading books and playing chess

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dharmesh shah

Naveen Rana AVP Software Development

A sports and bike freak

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Dharmesh Shah
Operations Director

He is well known for his cricket analogies, and is really good at it. The way he relates cricket with every situation in the office makes him unique. Workaholic and non alcoholic makes him the man with supernatural brain. Did his higher education from Melbourne, Australia. An Australian citizen, he helps the organisation understand the western culture and inculcate the same in our Indian office. He has over 20 years of experience in different industries. His love for food is well known, but he is a health freak at the same time.

Shantanu Dublish
Marketing Director

He is well known for his analogies, but not cricket related. He is known for making an inefficient and lazy person, who is smiling, cry and an efficient person, who is crying, smile. Did his higher education from Melbourne, Australia. He is an Australian citizen, and adds value to our culture in the Indian office. His love for Scotch and food cannot be taken away. He has over 20 years of experience in different industries and is a jack of all trades. He is often called the Coach of our core team in the organization.

Marc Bishop
General Manager-Operations

He is well known in the office as a Scientist as his deep diving skills into everything makes him the man who has attention to detail. With over 25 years of Sales, Operations and Compliance experience, he adds great value to our systems and processes. Since he is from California, his love for Vodka, Scotch and Tequila cannot be taken away at any cost. All the girls in our Indian office love him, in fact one in Australia as well.

Ronnie R Arora
Global VP-Marketing and Corp Comm

He is known for cracking jokes with a serious face, which leaves the other person wondering if he actually meant it or was it a joke. He is a passionate mountaineer, who loves travelling to destinations which no one else can imagine. Ronnie comes with 17 years of Sales and Training & Development experience. His journey started from selling mobile phone contracts in the UK and Australia. Did his MBA in International Marketing from University of Brussels and has added value to the marketing team of Optimal. He is a party animal and just needs a reason. His love for Scotch makes him think out of the box most of the times. He is target oriented, and his passion to help others with solutions keeps him happy.

Raghbendra Kumar Jha
Chief Financial Officer

People normally call him with his nick name ‘Raj’ in the office. Raj is a CA, CS, CMA and LLB with a post graduation degree in Business Promotion and Corporate Governance. His love for cricket and different degrees is never ending. You never know, he may become an MBBS doctor one day. Everybody loves him in the office as he is the man who releases the salaries and incentives for everyone. His ever smiling face can make a depressed employee jump with joy. He is the man for everyone!

KV Gautam
Head-Digital Marketing

He has deep interest in reading books, mostly non-fiction related to marketing, branding and human psychology. Recently he has developed a deep interest in playing chess too. KV Gautam has spent last 12 years helping businesses of all sizes create their digital strategies, and take the business to the next level. His educational qualification includes Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications. According to Ronnie, our VP-Marketing, KV seems old fashioned by looks, but is creative by mind.

Naveen Rana
AVP Software Development

Naveen is an automobile enthusiast. He loves to ride bikes and drive cars. His love for sports is also very well known. He plays cricket regularly. In the office, he is known to handle stressful situations well with a smile. He knows how to encourage team members and take everyone along.

Our Culture

Our internal culture provides a fun filled work environment. As a result we have less attrition rate than any competition. We care for the employees and provide them with a liberal work environment.

Our Clients