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Hire Joomla developers in India and save 70% cost

Joomla is the second most popular CMS after WordPress and more than 4 million websites are currently powered by it, which is quite huge. It gives users freedom to create a high quality website for any need. It has many features ranging from page caching, composer integration, RSS feeds, social media tabs, enhanced security features, collapsible side bars, blogs and more. It’s more sophisticated than WordPress and much simpler than Drupal. So, hiring an experienced Joomla developer in the US or in any other developed country is expensive. Another reason to outsource Joomla development services to India is abundance of talent in offshore locations such as India. This is precisely the reason; they have turned towards India to meet their demand.

Another advantage is that offshore vendors like Optimal Virtual Employee work with many international clients and their expertise go beyond the realm of development. They use high-end tools and technology for which you’ll have to spend money.

Now let’s understand why you should hire offshore remote developers in India through Optimal Virtual Employee.

1. Get skilled employees
Optimal Virtual Employee can help you develop highly sophisticated Joomla websites. From UI developer to testing, you can hire a highly experienced Joomla development team in India. We can help you hire English-proficient Joomla developers. Joomla developers in India are highly skilled because of their international exposure and training and they are also fully aware of the latest technology trends in the international market.


2. Get expert service
The cost of hiring an experienced Joomla developer in the US comes around $40-50 per hour, as per a report by Indeed.com. You can hire offshore Joomla developers at a fraction of this cost. Another advantage is that you can actually hire a team of experts in different areas of web development such as database, UI, performance optimization. No matter whatever is your requirement, you can get it done by offshore Joomla developers in India.

3. Focus on core expertise
If you’re in any other area of business, web development would certainly not be your area of expertise. When you try to develop it in-house, you’ll only lose money and resources and your core business will certainly be affected. The better strategy would be to outsource Joomla development in India while keeping your focus on your core work. While your team will be working on the most important tasks, your overseas team will take care of non-core work such as software development. They work as an extension of your local team and free up your team’s valuable resources.

4. Save 70% of the total project cost
It’s the most important reason why companies outsource. With Optimal Virtual Employee, you can develop a Joomla website in 70% less cost and use the saved money on R & D and marketing. When you work with us, you save even more because you are billed only for the working resources. Therefore, our remote offshore model is 100% transparent. In addition, you don’t have to worry about health-insurance, leave-policy, attrition, office-infrastructure, and other costs associated with the employee management. Your overseas Joomla development team report to you like your local team. You save a considerable amount on associated employee expenses, which may be to the tune of 70% of the total project cost.

5. Flexibility
It’s possible to scale up or downside your Joomla development team quickly without worrying about labour laws. Your team will work for you till you need them. So, you are not emotionally attached to your overseas team; you can scale down as per your need. Vendors have a lot of clients; they can easily relocate them in other projects.

Technical skills of our Joomla developers

Our Joomla developers are good communicators and they are technically proficient. These are the skills they have:
1. Good knowledge of Joomla CMS framework
2. Knowledge of HTML
3. CSS expertise
4. MySQL
5. Javascript
6. XML

In case you’re looking for a remote offshore Joomla developer, contact us. We are the best Joomla development company in India.

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