Mobile Apps and Websites created by our Virtual Employees


Farm Riders Christmas Eve is a game for all with HD optimized graphics. The players have to save birds & animals from the butcher and run fast. It has unique combos of animals and birds, with colorful and vivid HD graphics. 

Android app

eQuiz is a fun and free trivia game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to a battle of wits. With hundreds of fascinating topics and thousands of questions, it’s guaranteed to provide you hours of fun!

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Viewa is an augmented reality app, which delivers premium content from editors of the world’s biggest brands. Apart from consuming lifestyle content, watch exclusive videos and get the best advice with expert reviews.

iOS App


Sell New Buy New is a portal where you can find great deals on new apartments, off-the-plan apartments, new townhouses and new house & land packages.

Confirm My Income enables you to quickly and easily supply your banking information to your chosen lender

The offical website of Central Construct, which delivers design-savvy construction projects of the finest quality to the Central Coast

Hardship Help assists you to apply for Hardship relief. It is a quick and easy process which will ask you to upload your bank statements.

Vidual’s suite of products assist lenders, payment providers and other online organisations to confirm the identity, income and expenses of their customers in real time.

The official website of One Early Education Group, which champions the whole child and uses every opportunity to nurture the best possible expression for them individually.

The Lead generation Company specialises in end-to-end lead generation and strategic client management. Its systems are purpose built to effectively contact potential clients and manage the entire lead generation process.

The official website of Mayfair Advocacy, a property investment service. The goal of the company is to provide buyers with an alternative solution to some of the major disclosure challenges faced when buying through traditional market channels. 

Just Click Here is a digital media company, which uses digital skills to generate qualified leads and guarantee lead quality and volume for set budgets. The clients have to pay only for qualified leads.

The official website of Central Real, a property developer based in the Central Coast in Australia. The website has details about the company, including its projects.

The official website of Benny’s Boxing, a boxing training institute, started by Benny Sinclair. The company is Melbourne’s premiere personal training company.

The official website of RPIA, Melbourne’s premiere investment education and advisory company. The company provides knowledge, resources, and a hands-on approach to investing that enables anyone to create the financial independence they desire.