Optimal Virtual Employee offers software developers, web & app developers, website designers, animators, digital marketing experts, big data experts, content writers and phone call quality experts.


Software developers

Our virtual employees are expert software developers. They can deliver any type of customizable software for your organization. The virtual employee works for your particular need with your flexible timing. This can help you scale your business very fast.


Web developers

We offer website development work using our expert virtual employees. We can create any type of website for your requirement. Our experts are well versed with all types of platforms like PHP, .NET, iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Opencart, Joomla, etc. We have created robust e-commerce platforms for several clients, helping them scale their businesses online. We also have expertise in new technologies like Xamarin, Sharepoint, Unity3d, Cocos 2D, Python, Laravel, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS and AWS. Our virtual employees can create websites for all types of needs, whether you want a simple corporate website or a large content portal or a robust e-commerce or m-commerce platform for generating sales.


Mobile app developers

Mobile apps have grown exponentially in popularity in last some years. To reach out to your consumers on the mobile handsets it has become important for businesses to develop mobile apps. Our virtual employees can develop sophisticated mobile apps meeting your business needs. We develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Our experts make sure that the application has great UI and UX to attract customers and keep them hooked on to the app.


Website designers

Our web designers are up-to-date with the best practices of web designing. They can create modern and attractive designs for your websites. The designs created by our virtual employees are responsive and optimized for all browser and all screens. When you get design made by or experts then your website will open perfectly well on desktop, tablets as well as mobile phones. The design downloads well on all types of web browsers too.


Digital marketing experts

Digital marketing has become mandatory for all organizations to get more business and engage with the existing clients. Our virtual digital marketing experts provide you with services for all channels of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC campaigns, email campaigns, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. You can hire them to start organic or paid campaigns and engage with your clients.


Website and app maintenance experts

We offer website and mobile app maintenance service too. Our virtual employees can help you maintain your digital properties in a cost effective manner. There is no downtime and your applications are always online to engage with your customers. We can also make changes in your website or mobile application as per your needs.


Content writers

You can hire our virtual employees for all of your content creation needs. We have experienced content writers who can write high quality content for your portals or apps. They can research and write unique content for your digital requirements depending on your needs.


Big data experts

Optimal provides high-end big data management and analysis. We help businesses bring together a variety of datasets to perform in-depth data analysis, predictive and advanced analytics, descriptive analytics as well as integrated analytics and business intelligence solutions. Our virtual employees have been a true partner for secure, scalable and strong solutions to the clients across diverse industry verticals. We help you analyze data that drive smart decisions.


Phone call quality experts

We provide high quality phone call quality assessment service. Our experts monitor all the calls with precision and send daily reports to the clients. This helps the clients improve the call quality made by their employees.

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