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Optimal Virtual Employee offers software developers, web & app developers, website designers, animators, digital marketing experts, big data experts, content writers and phone call quality experts.



Software developers

Our virtual employees are expert software developers. They can deliver any type of customizable software development for your organization. The virtual employee works for your particular need with your flexible timing. This can help you scale your business very fast.


Web developers

We offer website development work using our expert virtual employees. We can create any type of website for your requirement. Our experts are well versed with all types of platforms like PHP, .NET, Node.js, iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, WordPress Developers, Magento, Drupal, Opencart, Joomla, etc. We have created robust e-commerce platforms for several clients, helping them scale their businesses online. We also have expertise in new technologies like Xamarin, Sharepoint, Unity3d, Cocos 2D, Python Developers, Laravel, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS and AWS. We also offer Front-end Developers. Our virtual employees can create websites for all types of needs, whether you want a simple corporate website or a large content portal or a robust e-commerce or m-commerce platform for generating sales.


Mobile app developers

Mobile apps have grown exponentially in popularity in last some years. To reach out to your consumers on the mobile handsets it has become important for businesses to develop mobile apps. Our virtual employees can develop sophisticated mobile apps meeting your business needs. We develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Our experts make sure that the application has great UI and UX to attract customers and keep them hooked on to the app.


Website designers

We first understand your vision and custom requirements to build a secure, reliable, intuitive design that will drive user adoption and retention. Our UI developers then make the vision a reality in code, creating a visually stunning UI with effects and animations that won’t hinder performance. All OVE-designed web sites and applications perform equally well across all browsers and are optimized for all devices, such as desktops, tablets and mobiles. They’re also snappy and responsive on any operating system.


Digital marketing

In today’s competitive world digital marketing has become an indispensable tool for businesses that want to engage their existing customer base and generate new business while keeping pace with the competition. OVE provides expert digital marketing services with our many years of experience and proven track record of success in all facets of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, email, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. Whether you want to grow a new campaign from scratch or refine and expand your existing campaigns, we’ve got you covered.


Virtual Assistants

Focus on your core business and spend your time on strategy and growth instead of recursive and / or non-essential tasks by engaging virtual assistants from OVE. Virtual assistants will perform nearly any task that you assign them, such as travel arrangements, bookkeeping, data entry, web research and more, freeing up your time and headspace for new initiatives to take your business to the next level.


Website and app maintenance experts

Once your website or app is built to your specifications, it needs to be maintained and serviced to get full value and return on investment. OVE developers are experienced experts in maintenance updates that keep your site running clean and error-free. They will also make additions or refinements as per your request, ensuring that your websites and apps are providing the user experience that you want for your customers.


Content writers

You can hire our virtual employees for all of your content creation needs. We have experienced content writers who can write original, high quality content for your portals or apps. Their years of experience enable them to easily understand your requirements and deliver effective blogs, articles and site content.


Data Scientists

OVE has a team of data scientists with a wealth of experience in big data management and analysis. Our experts will help you collate multiple data sources and perform multiple analyses, including predictive, descriptive and integrated. Our solutions are scalable and robust and provide you with the tools you need to make smart business decisions across a wide range of industry verticals.


AutoCAD designers

OVE offers talented, experienced AutoCAD designers for all your requirements at a fraction of the cost of onshore talent. Our AutoCAD solutions can be applied to a broad spectrum of industries, including architecture, project management, graphic design and engineering to name a few. Our creative AutoCAD designers have several years of experience providing seamless solutions to businesses and professionals around the world.


Animation Artists

Studies show that animation is the key to delivering your message to the broadest possible audience in the most effective manner possible. The OVE staff of highly creative animation artists have been helping businesses deliver their message effectively and artistically for years. With mastery in 2D animation software like MOHO Debut 12, Muvizu Play+, Toon Boom Harmony, Clip Studio Paint EX, Adobe Animate and MotionArtist, we make your message come to life. Add expertise in 3D animation software like Blender, Cinema 4D Studio, Aurora 3D Animation maker and Autodesk Maya and you have a full suite of technology experts at your fingertips to create any animation you can think of as well as video editing on an expert level.


Mechanical Engineers

Machine design, solid modeling, drafting, CAD conversion and 3D CAD are just some of the disciplines that OVE mechanical engineers are versed in. The OVE team has experience in computer aided engineering (CAE) analyses such as static analysis, thermal analysis and fatigue analysis and is able to provide precise HVAC, steel detailing solutions and sheet metal design. You can choose one dedicated engineer or a team depending upon your needs.


Civil Engineers

It’s no secret the India is far advanced in engineering and particularly civil engineering. It’s a point of emphasis here in study with Indian engineers highly sought after around the globe. OVE’s team of Civil Engineers has all your needs covered, whether it’s for structural steel design, structural analysis, 3D CAD conversion or 2D drafting. They’re experts in all types of technology and routinely create digital prototyping using software like AutoCAD, and work efficiently on CAD and CAM software as well.

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