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Understanding the job exactly is a necessity for any company’s most responsible players, and rarely a position is as beneficial and lucrative for a company than a full stack developer. Full-stack generally refers to a job position with the ability to design both client software servers respectively, for which he/she has to know how to program a browser, program a server, and create a database from the ground up. There can be certainly many choices regarding the combination of tools and programs required, but for the three main tasks, as mentioned above, knowing at least one of these programming languages is essential. Any such developer would be quite hard to find, and they often tend to ask a higher paycheck for their invaluable assets as a software enforcer unlike any other.

A full-stack web developer can bring a lot of relief to any software concerns in a company. One of the core require would be to know HTML and CSS, of course; but there is also the matter of right fit. Most of the times when hiring such an important and essential job position, it could result in some kind of compromise. This is never well for any company, but startups tend to have an advantage in this, especially considering that they have the freedom to shift their entire plan upon the choice of a developer directly of their choosing. But, such developers can essentially build a project by themselves if they are given the time. They have the power to genuinely help all the different members involved; they can dramatically reduce cost, and increase the success rate by utilizing next-generation technology.

Specialization of a full stack developer

As already stated, any full stack professional of the highest order should be completely adept and expert ion the three capabilities required in building any particular project. Now, there are several options for different kinds of programming languages to choose from, and some of the most widely popular collection of capabilities have their own names like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP), MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js) and Ruby on Rails (Ruby, SQLite, PHP) etc. based upon these collection of tools, any such developer can accomplish a web or software project from beginning to the end. Any company looking to bring down their costs of development can hope to include a full stack developer to their roster. They can essentially switch between the front end and the back end part of the development as and when required. Perhaps the most important aspect, however, remains with the ability of such a developer to incorporate and translate their activities with better and new technologies taken under consideration.


But, the pitfalls about wrongly hiring such a professional can result in some pretty unfavorable circumstances. The most common among these could result in the mismatch between the skillset, and the exact requirements of the project. Moreover, the solutions they presented might just be too dependent on the skills of a single person. Additionally, the role is increasingly complex, and no superior personnel can hope to fully and effectively evaluate the performance of such an individual. Keeping these facts in mind is instrumental in hiring a completely able and dedicated full-stack employee. In most cases, they help augment the skills of disparate teams in a company, rather than tackle entire worth of a project all by themselves.

Due process for a project

In a well-defined aggregate project plan, a lot of planning and strategies are required. In any firm, it’s the team which when working together, can create wonders for the firm. The whole process involves a lot of complexities which a fit team can handle well. At first, you need to create a strategy which goes well with your plan and the project you are working upon. The strategy should be relayed in such a way that it accomplishes the aim of developing new products and process as well as improving the efficiency of the aimed and current projects. You then need to define the type of project you are aiming to work upon, like, R&D, breakthrough, or partnered ones. Listing of the projects based on their types must be done accordingly, eliminating those who don’t fit into the type. You need to be sure about the time you require for the completion of the project along with the different stages of the project being completed. For this, a proper estimation is a must for you to get well-versed with the nuances of the topic.

Without knowing the resources and the number of projects supported by these resources, you can’t proceed with the further stages involved in the process. Therefore, you must have a proper estimation of the resources required to complete the project on time. If the resources are insufficient, you need to replace them with new ones or hold the current process. If you successfully incorporate more resources, you can then proceed with the resource allocation of the remaining project, ultimately to its completion.

While working on derivative projects, you need to keep a few things in mind if you wish to alter some specifics in the project. Usually, while adding something new to the project, you must avoid miscalculating the number of resources that you require for your project. This could result in a resource blunder.

Why do you need to hire a full-stack developer?

Let’s take an analogy. Suppose you are playing a cricket match will all the specialists of the game but all your bowlers are having an off day and none of your batsmen know how to bowl. What do you do? In this case, you would need one of your Frontline batsmen to bowl a spell or two to take your team out of this difficulty. Take another situation when all your batsmen are having an off day and you need to excel in a run chase. You would again need one of your bowlers to step up to the occasion. This goes to show the importance of having an all-rounder in the team. That’s exactly how full-stack developers are required in a software development project. There are quite a few benefits of having a full-stack developer in your company.


Helps you deal with all aspects of the project

As an all-rounder helps you win the game by both batting and bowling, a full-stack developer helps you deal with both front and back end development aspects in your project. There are a lot of issues which arise in the front end part which can be solved more efficiently if the developer has a good knowledge of the back end resource management, and vice versa. Therefore, a full-stack developer who has a sound knowledge regarding both aspects would help your project in a wide range of fields.

Can help anyone in the team

The knowledge that these developers possess can prove to be a great asset for your team. Suppose a fresher joins your team as a front/back end developer and they need help on a few aspects of development. If they consult a full stack developer, they would not only have their issues sorted out but also get to know additional information about the nuances of how the project works. Moreover, they won’t have to limit their questions within certain fields, as the developer won’t mind going outside the field of the project to sort their issues over. You don’t find such qualities in the developers who work in a certain dimension and hence, full-stack developers are the gems for your firm. They make your team strong and give you an edge over the others.

Saves the company’s operational and personnel costs

Although full-stack developers charge you more as compared to normal developers, having two separate developers would definitely cost you much more than having a single developer who can work on both. It’s not only about the savings on their payments; there are a lot of other things too which you save upon. The operational costs, which comprise of resources and machines are saved considerably while working with a full-stack developer. Moreover, you would have to handle one less employee. Doesn’t that bring a sense of psychological relief within you?

How we can help

Hire full stack developerWhile thinking of full-stack developers, think of us. As a virtual employee, we can help you with problems that arise while hiring professional full-stack developers. You need a certain amount of expertise in the field to determine whether a person is perfectly fit for a suitable role in your firm. Well with that expertise so that you don’t have to deal with the trouble of hiring a full-stack web developer. We enable the companies to get direct access to the best candidates available in the market who have applied for the job. This is a kind of symbiotic relationship where companies require suitable candidates and vice versa. Here are a few things which we look at when we hire a software developer for you.

Focus on Skills

In the long run, it’s your skills which take you to the next level. While hiring a developer, their skillset is one of the most important things we actually keep a focus on. We talked about the different kind of stacks a developer needs to be well-versed with. We keep a check on the applicant’s knowledge on the same which whether can really be relied upon. There would be some applicants who would try to boat about their knowledge without having proper skills to go with the same. There should be a strict recruitment process to not hire such candidates.

A good problem-solving aptitude

Your knowledge is of no value unless you can wisely bring it to effective use. It goes without saying that you need to have a sound problem-solving aptitude to work as a full-stack web developer. When a problem arises, there are more than one ways to solve it. The developers must have a proper attitude towards problem-solving which helps them solve their problems in the most efficient way. Sometimes you need to work out a quick solution to a problem which arises in an adverse situation. Someone with good problem-solving aptitude would step up to the occasion and try to find out the quick solution to a given problem, thus, giving your team an edge over the others. In the cut-throat competition in the industry, the ones having a strong aptitude survive, while the sheen of knowledge without aptitude fades away. In our processes, we, therefore, rely on those with a good aptitude more than those who only have bookish knowledge.



Suppose you are getting your employees to work directly in-line with the client on loop and the client raises an unprecedented demand or issue. The developer then might have to change their way of working according to the needs of the client. They might even need to change a few frameworks or to quickly adapt to those changes. It requires versatility and strong will power to tackle those situations. Not all candidates can have it in them to be able to deal with such situations. A versatile full-stack web developer should have a sound knowledge (or at least surface knowledge) on a wide range of subject and technologies to be able to adapt to them as per the industry demands. A few years ago, automation changed the face of the industry and many became jobless, except the ones who adapted to the changed and quickly learned new tech-stuff, ultimately getting their feet strong in the company. This, you would want someone who can hold onto you even if the scenario changes, not the ones who stagnate and give themselves away.

Punctuality and time management

9 out of 10 times, we would prefer someone who would complete their work on time (unless the 10th one has some superpowers to go with). Your skills, knowledge, and versatility go in vain when you are unable to deliver on time. This is what makes people worth investing. Human resource is something which needs proper curation. One of the factors affecting the curation is the time-management. If you have a team of dedicated employees who give their 100% in a project and finish it on time, there is nothing else you need to make your firm successful. Thus, when we hire a full-stack developer for you, we check the candidate’s ability to manage time so that we can be sure about their role in your firm.

How we work

In the contemporary era, where companies and employees are two separate banks, we act as a bridge. We act as that specific layer in a system which smoothens the work for both candidates and the employees. We usually allow both of them with a platform where they can share what they actually need, and get results according to the same. For the companies, we provide them with the solutions that they require for their specific problems. We accomplish this by getting them to hire the best candidates according to their need. There are multiple processes where companies would have to put in a lot of effort to recruit employees in the way they want.

There is no doubt on the fact that the companies can themselves carry the process out, but will that process be cost-effective? Will that process would be viable enough for the company to get it done in the most efficient manner? This is what makes outsourcing one of the best choices for the companies to go on with their jobs. Let’s get to know what do we do to help the companies get their best employees.

Shortlisting of candidates

Be it an on-campus fresher-recruitment drive or an off-campus domain-specific recruitment drive, you need a lot of manpower and resources with you to be able to conduct these drives, especially when it comes to conducting large scale drives. In such cases, you can choose to get your work outsourced to some external agent who can sort your work accordingly, giving you an edge over the others. This is what we are there for. We help your firm in conducting these recruitment drives where we shortlist your candidates from a vast pool of applicants who have applied for the job/specific role in your company.

Manpower and facilities

When you get into the recruitment process for a placement drive or a process like this, you need to have a strong pool of manpower which when required can deliver to you on time. If you incorporate manpower for a short span of time, you would end up spending big amounts for a small piece of work. We can help you out in such situations as we have an experienced manpower network with the appropriate set of skills and methodologies required for your work. Not only do we help you in the recruitment process but we take your hassle as a responsibility on our shoulders, making you worry less about your processes of recruitment. Moreover, you can rely on the equipment, methods, and facilities that we use in the shortlisting of candidates and further in the recruitment process which goes completely unbiased and gives you the best of the lot.



What qualities should a full-stack web developer posses other than the required technical skills?

Being a part of the industry, it is important to have an idea of various aspects of the industry in addiction to the skills that you need to become an ideal full stack developer. One of the most important things you need is work ethics. No matter how knowledged you become as a developer or how much expertise you gain as one, it would not make a difference until and unless you become humble towards your work, and treat your colleagues well. An ideal developer must not cheat or copy stuff which further degrades the credibility of the company.

Other than work ethics, your business skills matter a lot when it comes to being a part of the company. Suppose your company invites a foreign delegation to your office and one of your employees need to interact with the clients. Your employees must have good communication skills to go with technical skills, which helps your company have a firm grip on your clients. One good employee can make a big difference to the working of your company so that you can give your best to the clients.

What are the benefits of a recruitment service company?

As a consultancy or development firm, you would think about keeping your main focus in your consultancy and development works rather than getting your precious time and energy involved in some other works which other ones can deliver to you. Employee recruitment is one of such processes where you can take the services of a recruitment company to hire the best employees for you. You can then focus on more productive works of your company rather than getting stuck into other complexities.

What part of the recruitment work is actually done under the recruitment company and what is left for the main company to do?

If you take the services of a recruitment company, you can rest assured of the basic processes involved in a candidate’s recruitment, right from the shortlisting of the candidates leading to the final processes. The final interview, however, is best taken by the company itself, as it is the company which knows what exactly does it require for its ongoing/upcoming projects. Other than the final interview process, it’s the recruitment company that takes care of most of the company’s requirements in its recruitment processes.

At the different stages where the company requires to conduct various tests/rounds to check the candidate’s ability to perform. The shortlisting rounds might require to conduct a few online/offline tests, followed by technical tests to make sure the candidates have the required set of skills in addition to the basic skills.

How it works

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  3. You test/inteview candidates
  4. Hired candidate starts work

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