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Hire full time Virtual Assistants in India and save 70% cost

Virtual assistants literally take care of almost every job or task assigned and they are not restricted to one job or task category. The virtual assistants are exactly the same as assistants for top employees of a management and they do multitasking. They work on the hour or task basis which enables multitasking easy and also saves time. The number of employees required for completing those various tasks can be reduced drastically.

Why outsource virtual assistant?
A virtual assistant job can be performed by any technical person who is good at multi-tasking. Why should it be outsourced to a country like India? Simple, the outsourcing technique reduces the cost drastically and also, increases productivity comparatively for the same cost as hiring in-house. There are many virtual assistant agencies and they identify the right choice and provide their best services. There are many companies who are completely involved in providing Virtual assistant services in India.

India is considered to have the best experts for different tasks and hence is the best place to outsource virtual assistant tasks.

Advantages of outsourcing virtual assistant
There are many advantages to hiring a virtual assistant from other countries – outsourcing. The few main advantages considered are:

Cost effective – the same job at lesser pay

Multitasking- Multitasking by the same person

Deadlines – Adhered to the deadlines for completing the tasks

Rework – They will be ready to rework on the same task until a good perfect outcome is achieved


Hourly or Task basis payment – Payment will be an hourly basis or task basis

A restricted number of employees – There is no need for recruiting a specialist for every task, rather, a single person equipped with adequate knowledge on all the tasks enables work at speed and gives the best outcome.

Earlier, outsourcing was restricted only for technical support or technical writing. Now, it has evolved, and Virtual assistant outsourcing has increased. This outsource of virtual assistant has not only increased the job level but also has increased the economy of the country indirectly. Multitasking and cost-effectiveness are the two keys for this virtual assistant outsourcing.

Types of available virtual assistants



Affiliate Manager

Answering support tickets

Blog commenting

Blog set up/writing/scheduling


Booking appointments with clients

Branding Services

Business Consultant

Call Answering Services

Chasing outstanding invoices

Collating business cards info

Content writing

Copy writing

Creating Basic Reports

Creating infographics

Creating/updating database

Customer Service

Data Entry Assistant

Data mining

Online research

Data Processing

Designing/formatting info

Calendar management

eBook editing formatting

eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Editing / Proofreading

Electronic Newsletters

Event coordination

Ezine Creation


Forum commenting/monitoring


Hotel and Flight Booking

Landing Page Creation

MailChimp Assistance

Marketing Support

Online Business Manager

Online teaching assistant

Online tutoring

Payments and Invoicing

Social Media Expert

PR Management

Press Releases

Product Launch

Project Management

Purchasing & Supply Procurement

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Receptionist duties

Resume Writing

Sales Funnel Strategist

Secretarial Service

Setting up Autoresponders

Setting up Linked in groups

Setting up/managing podcasts

Shopify Assistance

Telemarketing / Lead Generation



Video creation/editing/uploading

How it works

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  3. You test/inteview candidates
  4. Hired candidate starts work

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