Most Effective Tools For Digital Marketing

January 31, 2018

Digital marketing is most important marketing strategy today as everything is going online and no marketer can afford to ignore it. But growing on an online platform, proper digital marketing tools that can measure your insights and then help you optimize is also as important as the digital marketing itself. To make your products or services top notch, you should be comfortable with various advanced marketing tools and work on them effectively. As marketers today, we are fortunate enough to have so many free and low-cost tools online which can make our efforts really measurable and also give us an insight about our customers, competitors, and market. There’s no shortage of digital marketing tools available but with so many tools it is tough to decide where to start. So to make it easy for you, we have listed some of tried and tested tools to make your digital marketing easier.

-Research Tools:
These tools help you to research the market and strategies about and around your Industry. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Google Trends
    Google Trends lets you see the latest trends, data, and visualizations from Google and find out what’s trending near you right now. It is important to know what is trending and what is popular to come up with better ideas. You can also add other terms so you can compare data. It is an amazing tool to use and it is free of cost.
  • Ahrefs
    Ahrefs’ set of tools provides you with an opportunity to get to know the competitors in your field. You’ll also learn the source of competitors’ traffic, information about their ranking keywords, backlinks, content features, and a lot of other useful data.
  • Google Keyword Planner
    As we all know, keywords play a very important role in digital marketing. Google Keyword Planner is a tool which lets you know which keyword is most searched so that you can plan your digital marketing strategy more effectively. It also suggests a list of results similar to your keyword.
  • Buzz Sumo
    Buzzsumo lets you analyze the most shared content on any topic. It allows you to find content in a specific niche by theme, author, or domain. It also makes it easier to monitor your competitors’ social activity.
  • Similar Web
    This tool also helps in finding competitors who have same target audience and services like yours.

-Analytics Tool:
These are the tools which provide data to analyze and extract actionable and relevant information that you can use to optimize results or performance. Some of the best tools are:

  • Google Analytics Tool
    This is an absolutely free tool by Google which is used by almost all marketers. With Google Analytics you can track everything about your users even what resolution screen they are using. It gives a wide range of information and data which helps you to turn customer insights into real gains.
  • Facebook Insights
    Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. It’s likewise the most effective tool for targeting your advertising campaign to the correct group of audience. Gathering of people Insights gives you statistic information, demographic data, interests; habits, the device individuals are using, and even the household income (for some countries) of the users.
  • Kissmetrics
    Kissmetrics provides analytics tools that will help you in increasing conversions across your entire website. The tools track your website visitors throughout their conversion journey and give you an account of each piece of the funnel. This encourages you to optimize your whole strategy to build sales and conversion.
  • Crazy Egg
    It lets you see how users click and scroll through your website in the form of a heatmap. It gives you an opportunity to adjust your online resources to the visitors’ needs, improve navigation, and increase conversion rates.

-SEO Tools:
These are the tools which help in search engine optimization of websites by providing us different data about the website.

  • Moz
    Moz helps in providing the best keywords, track your competition, track your rankings, crawl and audit your websites, and it is the only data source that gives you real insights into link equity.
    This tool also provides you with a lot of website data along with your competitor’s backlinks and do a full competitive analysis.
  • Google Search Console
    Google Search console is another free tool provided by Google which gives you a ton of site guest’s metrics alongside giving you a chance to check if your site has any discovered any errors, broken pages, and to check site indexing, and so on. This SEO tool is used to analyze metrics and find new insights to help increase your organic traffic.-Email Marketing Tools
    Email marketing tools offer quick and simple software that enables you to develop your business, some of the best ones are:
  • Mail Chimp
    If you are a small business hoping to begin with a simple to-utilize email marketing tool, at that point MailChimp ought to be a piece of your tool compartment.
  • Hubspot
    Intense, include a rich framework that scales as you grow. Combines with social networking, CRM, and deals usefulness to give you profound venture into different lines of business.
  • Get Response
    GetResponse is easy-to-use email marketing software. It offers many propelled highlights that you can strive for free, including Salesforce integration and auto-responders.

-Social Media Tools

  • Hootsuite
    This is a very important tool which lets you schedule posts and checks all of your social networking accounts at a single place. Set up “streams” for scheduled messages, mentions, messages, posts, and many more. You can even dole out a comment or message to a team member for them to answer later.
  • Socedo
    It makes you find qualified leads on Twitter and retarget them by means of email marketing. Set up a campaign to focus on the individuals recently followed your competitors, mentioned an upcoming event, or has a particular keyword in their bio. Socedo will tail them, send them DMs, and match up new contacts into your CRM framework.
  • is a URL shortener and click reporting tool as well. It’s extraordinary for Twitter with short posts, and furthermore following the clicks to enable you to see how well your content converts traffic to your website.
  • Sprout Social
    Sprout Social is one of the social media managing tools that gives client relationship administration (CRM) highlights. Having an entire profile of your clients enables you to serve them better and build stronger relationships with them.

-Content Creation Tools

  • Canva
    Canva helps you make lovely photographs with a simplified innovation. Select one of their endless formats or pick a clear outline pre-sized for your preferred platform. You can even modify the branding segment so you generally have your hues, text styles, and logos accessible.
  • Animoto
    Animoto enables you to make professional slideshow videos with music, custom content, visual impacts, and many more. Just pick a layout, include your media, and publish to share your video on your social networking accounts.
  • Pixabay
    It gives you an access to more than one million vectors, photographs, icons, and more. Just find the ideal stock photograph for your blog or icons for your logo without stressing over attribution. You can even sort pictures by colour and find images using keywords.
    On the off chance that you don’t have sufficient energy or masterful creativity to make your own particular content, at that point you can utilize a tool like It is a platform that matches the individuals who require content with the individuals who can make it. The site charges a minimal rate for each sort of venture, which includes Infographics, ebooks and videos.

-A/B Testing Tools

  • Unbounce
    Unbounce is an amazing tool for rapidly building, tweaking and publishing new Landing pages to test. The most phenomenal highlights of Unbounce are that it is so easy to use and it creates out of the box landing pages. Even if you are not a great designer, this tool has many pre-designed templates which makes your work easy and lets you personalize them as per your style.
  • Optimizely
    Optimizely combines tools for visual creation and vigorous targeting into its platform, making it simple to quickly make and target tests to the correct group of audience. The tool additionally has an impressive measure of partners to make it easier to bring together client data for your different tests.

Since you’ve seen our list of some of the most amazing digital marketing tools, go ahead and try them out with their free trials. These are the tools that are used by most of the digital marketers out there. This method will allow you to market for both quantity and quality, the two most important elements of marketing strategy with any business venture. There are hundreds of other tools as well which didn’t make it to our list and are recommended by many. Feel free to share what digital marketing tools other than these you swear by?