Why Must US Businesses Hire App Developers from India?

January 18, 2021
App development

Think of anything under the sun, and probably there is an app for that. We have seen consistent growth in the way mobile apps have been making our lives convenient, and that’s why more and more businesses are gravitating towards mobile app development. When it comes to US alone mobile app development is a thriving market.

According to a Statista report, the revenue from mobile apps is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.1%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1,799m by 2024. This shows the broad market of app development services that the US alone inhabits.

Hiring an App Developer in India vs Hiring an App Developer in the US

  • Development Costs

Comparing the cost of app development in India vs cost of app development is the US is like comparing day and night. Do you think that’s an exaggeration? Well, let’s look at some figures. The hourly wages of app developers working on small scale projects is $25 or even less in India. In comparison, the hourly rates for app development range $50 and upwards. Depending on the complexity of the app development project, companies may have to shell out double of what it takes to build an app in India compared to what they spend in the States. Outsourcing app development to India means low development cost and better ROIs for the business.

  • Technologically Inclined

Indians have a knack for all things scientific and the fact that India is the learning market for app downloads, goes on to prove just that. People of Indian origin live a life buzz with the latest technologies and adapt to newer innovations with comparative ease. This collective interest in app downloads and app making makes Indians a fine choice for mobile app development.

  • Large Talent Pool

India is a populous country and to add to it, a booming IT hub. Young Indian population is abreast with various technological trends that are a rage globally. Indian developers are often accredited with useful innovations in various technological fields. Thus, India offers a larger talent pool for mobile app development compared to the USA, where the options are comparatively limited, and brighter ones come at a spiked cost.

  • Competitive Pricing

With the surge in demand for mobile app development, many outsourcing IT firms have cropped up in India.  Consequently, there are a large number of small and large scale app development companies in India. Many players in the business ascertain competitive quotes, justified pricing and excellence when it comes to service. It’s recommended that US businesses make a thorough cost comparison between different app development companies before outsourcing projects to them.

  • Speedy App Development

One of the app development best practices that most IT firms in India follow is that they deliver the project within the stipulated deadline without compromising its quality. They define a fixed timeline for the project initially and then burn the midnight oil (quite literally) to mitigate the time zone difference and bring a stellar app product to you in the end. In the process, these app development outsourcing partners also furnish real-time updates about the app development project to keep clients updated with app delivery schedules.

  • Favourable Government Policies

The Indian government supports the outsourcing and offshore employment industry. It ensures 100% foreign equity and supports IT infrastructure development in all major metros and cities. Moreover, the Indian IT domain falls under the IT Act 2000, a domain that has received the country’s largest investments. Thus, outsourcing app development to India is fair, easy as well as economical.

  • Minimized Risks

When a US-based business outsources its mobile app development procedure to an IT firm based on a proven track record in India, it minimizes its risk. The wide number of app development companies for app development makes a choice more difficult. Partner with an experienced app development firm to deal with business contingencies and the way they meet unprecedented changes.

  • New-Age Technologies

The mobile app development landscape is an ever-changing terrain. There are new technologies that are introduced now and then which render the old ones obsolete. While a US-based business may find it difficult to stay updated with the latest advancement or lack the hardware resources to carry on app development, specialized app development firms in India stay updated with state of the art technology.

Why It’s Favourable to Outsource Mobile App Development to India During the Pandemic?

Offshore mobile app development allows businesses to outsource their processes and functions to specialized service providers.

Given the pandemic, many US businesses have become vary in outsourcing their app development requirements. However, it’s time businesses need to leverage the many perks of outsourcing app development to India and save some bucks. What seems like a business risk is instead the perfect chance to accomplish high-quality app development at cost-effective pricing.

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