Why Your Startup Should Start with Android Application Development

July 1, 2019
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Today’s world runs almost exclusively on mobile applications, from ordering food to shopping, managing bank transactions and dating, it seems that everything runs on mobiles. In fact, it’s difficult to even imagine a life without mobile apps.

The two biggest players in the mobile app universe are iOS and Android, with more than 80% of all mobile applications having been built on one of these two platforms.

According to the latest statistics compiled on statista.com, the Google play store leads the league with over 2.1 million apps available with the Apple App Store coming in second at over 1.8 million apps.

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Although American and European countries prefer iOS, the Google product Android has the largest market share in the world by a substantial margin with (according to Google) over 1.4 billion (yes, that’s right, ONE POINT FOUR BILLION) active Android users around the globe downloading 1.5 billion applications every month.

There are a couple of important reasons for this:

  1. Android is built on an open-source platform, which means that it is open for changes and customization
  2. Samsung, HTC and Sony, among others all run on Android

Considering these factors, every business needs an effective, user-friendly mobile app and Android is clearly the king in overall reach and customizability. To build your Android app you can hire and train your own in-house developer or team of developers, or you can partner with an IT outsource company that has a team of experienced Android developers.

Here is a partial list of benefits that you’ll enjoy from developing an Android App:

  1. Global Outreach
    Android has billions of users all around the world and over two million apps available in the Google Play store to satisfy the needs of those billions of users. If your business offering is well designed and fills an important need, then your success is virtually guaranteed since Android is far and away from the most popular mobile platform.
  2. Easy Entry
    Most startups run on tight budgets, making Android an ideal starting place with far lower licensing fees and related expenses than iOS. The yearly renewal fees for Play Store are also considerably lower than those of Apple’s App Store, so you can focus more time and money on making your app the best it can be and watch the revenue roll in.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness
    Android application development is based on Java, which has an extensive array of libraries. With a greater number of Android developers available, they come in at a lower cost than the competition. With iOS development being more complex, developers generally charge more for iOS development than they do for Android development.
  4. Many App Marketplaces
    Android distribution channels are wide open and apps can be marketed through Amazon, Samsung, and various social media. An effective marketing strategy utilizing these channels will attract many users for your app.
  5. Infinite Customization Possibilities
    Not only will your Android app help you attract more customers, but it will also help you retain your existing customers as well. Your customers want to be dazzled with new functions and improved experiences in the app. With Android’s easy customization options, you can make regular updates and keep your customers engaged. At the same time, with its open-source platform, Android will grow easily with you as your startup evolves into a large business, effortlessly handling small to large customer bases with its extremely scalable framework.
  6. Rapid Development and Distribution
    Let’s face it: it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and getting your product to market first goes a long way toward determining your chances of success. Customer attrition is always a concern too, with your competition eager to steal away your customer base at the first opportunity. With Android’s open-source platform and rapid development process, you can beat the completion to market and keep your existing customer base happy and engaged with regular updates and improvements to your apps.

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Android App Development with Optimal Virtual Employee

Once you decide that mobile application development is right for your startup, it’s time to decide how to hire a mobile app developer?

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With many years of experience, over 500 clients and more than 300 software development experts on staff, Optimal Virtual Employee has all of your Android app development needs covered.

You can hire a dedicated android app developer or a team of mobile app developers with a dedicated project manager depending on your requirements at up to 70% less than you would pay for the same work done by western developers. Our team works in your time zone under your direction, so you’re always in control, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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