What Makes Us One Of The Best Mobile App Development Companies In India?

January 30, 2020
Best Mobile App Development Companies In India

Let us talk about why mobile app development has become such a huge industry. In the last 3-4 years, the mobile app industry has grown a lot. With over 50% of all internet users using mobiles to access the internet, mobile apps have become crucial for any business.

Today there are mobile apps for everything you can imagine, from amazing looking games to social media, to medical apps that save lives. Mobile apps have become a part of our daily needs. And because of this increase in demand, there are numerous mobile app development companies that have come forward.

Who is Optimal Virtual Employee?

Optimal Virtual Employee is an IT outsourcing firm based in India, with offices in the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, and South Africa. They have been providing quality IT services since 2008, and have over 300 talented software developers on their payroll. When it comes to mobile app development, OVE stands way above the competition.

With numerous mobile apps developed, and over 500 happy clients, OVE has become one of the major players in the mobile app development industry. Below are a few reasons that made this happen.


OVE has expertise in what it does, whether you are looking to build a mobile app, a website or any other application. The software developers at Optimal Virtual Employee have expertise in many different technologies.

Each and every software developer at optimal has years of hands-on experience working on their core technologies. You can hire mobile app developers from OVE without thinking twice about the experience they bring to the table.


When it comes to cost, there are a lot of things to consider. You might be able to find freelance mobile app developers at similar rates that Optimal Virtual Employee offers, but they will not have the same set of skills, nor would they have the years of experience OVE brings to mobile app development.

The cost of hiring mobile app developers from OVE is up to 60% less when compared to their onshore counterparts. Not only this when you hire mobile app developers from OVE you also get a project manager at no extra cost.

Optimal Have a Large Talent Pool

OVE has a large pool of software developers, project managers, data analysts, and virtual assistants. When it comes to IT outsourcing firms, there is a lot of competition in India. To be the best outsourcing company, one needs to have access to the best talent available. This is where Optimal Virtual Employee outdoes its competition.

Optimal is one of the best paymasters, it offers a professional yet comfortable environment for its employees. It recognizes employee achievements and pays out handsome bonuses.  Because of such activities, the best software developers from around India are attracted to work with Optimal Virtual Employee.

Experience and Knowledge

They say experience and knowledge go hand in hand, and it is true. The mobile app developers at Optimal have years of experience working with various industries. OVE has helped build apps for almost every industry. The mobile app developers have experience building native apps in Android, iOS, window and also have a ton of experience building hybrid cross-platform apps.

No matter what kind of app you want to be built, there are developers at OVE who have built similar apps. As there are huge teams of developers always present at the offices of Optimal, developers never need to seek any help from outside, if there is any problem they face, the solution is found within Optimal.

Easy Going Contracts

You don’t need to get into long term contracts when you hire a developer from Optimal Virtual Employee, as OVE offers easy-going monthly rolling contracts. Whether you hire a single developer or a whole team, you have the satisfaction that you are not tied done to a huge contract.

The payment structure is also decided by you, you can hire mobile app developers at hourly or monthly rates. OVE is very flexible when it comes to payments if during the project, you want to change from hourly to monthly or the other way around you are free to do so.

With OVE You Are In Control

When you decide to hire mobile app developers from Optimal Virtual Employee you remain in control from the start to finish. You get to interview, and you have the final word on which developer/developers would work on your project.

You get regular reports keeping you updated about the progress of the project. In case during the project for some reason you want to increase your team size or decrease it, you can easily do it by informing the project manager. You also have the option to replace any developer at any stage of the project.

Work In Your Time Zone

One of the biggest problems with using offshore outsourcing companies is the time difference. As a business, you would want to be able to speak to your team of developers in your time zone. OVE has its offices open 24 hours, so you can decide what time zone you want your mobile development team to work in.

You can contact your team via phone, Skype, messaging and emails at any time, as mentioned before when you hire mobile app developers you get a project manager at no extra cost. The project manager and your development team remain in contact with you throughout every stage of the project development.

Communication Skills

Another issue with hiring offshore developers is that they are communication gaps that happen between the client and the development team. Optimal Virtual Employee counters this problem by building a team of developers that have both excellent technical skills and excellent communication skills.


If you are looking to hire mobile app developers, Optimal Virtual Employee has you covered. You can start today, by contacting Optimal via email, phone or by filling up the contact form.