Website Conversion Optimisation Best Practices for Web Designers

February 2, 2021

Overall visual appeal and ease of navigation are what makes or breaks a website. Custom website development design can boost conversion rates and bring better returns for an e-business. Website conversion optimization helps web developers improve the likeability of web visitors taking action on any given page.

It is a way web developers can ascertain that more and more visitors enter their conversion funnel and ensure higher sales. Running an effective conversion rate optimization program can help businesses boost their website conversions by leaps and bounds. Implementing a website conversion rate optimization plan means saving time, expenses and even the amount of effort to think of new growth strategies.

Here are a few website conversion optimization principles that web developers can use time and again.

  • Plant Your C.T.A.s Wisely

All web design should be strategically planned to drive higher R.O.I.s, and it can be accomplished with better C.T.A. placement. Designing captivating C.T.A. buttons and placing them wisely can boost website conversions and result in higher sales. Like everything artsy, the rule of thirds also applies to C.T.A. placement on websites. Web developers should use an overlay of parallelly running horizontal and vertical lines and recognize the areas where users’ eyes naturally fixate when they look at the screen.

They must strategically put their C.T.A.s in these areas for maximum limelight from visitors. Design elements like button size, colour and font style also matter when it comes to the engagement quotient of the C.T.A.s. It’s a web designer’s job to make a C.T.A. stand out amidst the website elements’ rest. Moreover, tactfully reduce the number of C.T.A.s on a webpage so that you do not confuse your website visitors.

  • Crave a Path of Least Resistance

Since we have established that confusing web visitors with too many options is never a good idea, boosting a website’s conversion rate requires strategically improving web design to capitalize on other factors. For example, incentivizing visitors with a promise of a gift or discount can work wonders.

Add an immediate action button like ‘buy now’ or ‘avail today’ option next to incentives like ‘free demo’ or ‘free subscription.’ This small trick can increase the click-throughs on the free option because, in comparison to paid options, they appear more lucrative. Such tricks help you carve out a path of least resistance during conversion rate optimization.

  • Responsive Websites are the Way Forward

  • As customers gear up access the same website through various mediums and devices, responsive web design is the need of the hour. It is a design methodology that makes it simpler for users to access websites seamlessly regardless of their device. Responsive web design renders a website compatible with multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Everything About the Content

Suppose you wonder whether font size and style matter when it comes to website conversion optimization. In that case, you must know that only something that can be organically read and understood would be successful in the web world. Illegible and highly artistic font styles only make it difficult for the web visitor to understand what’s written on the webpage.

Web developers must choose the size that makes it easier to read web content. Content size and style thus play a significant role in engaging website visitors. It’s best to use A/B testing to reach a website design that is of aesthetic appeal and practical enough from a business perspective.

  • Colour Theory and Psychology

When it comes to choosing colours for buttons and C.T.A.s during website design, developers must narrow down the emotions that each colour comes associated with. Colour matters when it comes to conveying the overall meaning of a brand and the overall mood of the website.

Simultaneously, the button colour should strike an engaging contrast against the background it is placed on. Creating significant contrast makes the button stand out on the webpage and helps grab attention instantly. 

  • Implement K.I.S.S.

Abbreviation for the phrase ‘Keep it simple, silly’, K.I.S.S. is a gem of advice for web developers. Simplicity is an aesthetic factor that can secretly drive your website conversions through the roof. Web developers must focus on tidying up their design for an uncluttered impression and minimal distractions.

Great UX begins with omitting out unnecessary elements of web design.

Because web developers have to impress visitors only a limited amount of time, a minimalist approach can do some good. 

In The End

To sum it up, website conversion optimization allows web developers to better understand a website’s usability, generate consumer behaviour insights, and improve website UX to accomplish various business goals. Now that you know these website conversion optimization tips and tricks, you must assess your website’s existing design. Most of these problems can be addressed by simply tweaking certain elements of design. A conversion rate audit actually spells out the areas that actually reveal the areas of a website that could use a boost. 

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