Best Code Editors for Web Development in 2021

January 24, 2021
CODE editor

No matter what kind of programming one is dealing with, a developer uses various tools to successfully build the codes, compile and debug those for errors. However, every developer must use one of the leading programming platforms for programming i.e a code editor. Code editors are a text editing platform where one can write the codes and edit them. These platforms aren’t dependent on any particular programming language. Instead, they can handle a wide range of languages, which give the web developer enough flexibility to develop the programs with the least amount of errors.

IT companies usually hire web developer professionals familiar with different code editors and know about their functionalities indepth. In this honest discussion, we will talk about the most popular code editing platforms a developer can use for his or her web programming in 2021.

  • Notepad++

Perfect for writing and editing smallsized programs, Notepad++ is a C++ based platform. It runs only on Windows, and hence, that’s a limitation every iOS or Mac developer will face. To use this editor, one will need the GPL license as the price is zero. You can use Notepad++ to edit and create different programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and CSS. The platform also has a Macro Recording and Playback feature, which will help you develop the codes correctly. The GUI of this platform can be customized as per the convenience of a developer.

  • Win32 API in Notepad++ enhances the execution speed greatly.
  • Multilingual platform and can be used in different views.
  • Different file formats can be read and written.
  • The autosaving feature is present for keeping your codes safe.


  • Its not compatible with iOS or Mac platform.
  • Largesized programs cant be handled in Notepad++


  • Atom

Atom is yet another fantastic platform for code editing that every Indian web developer swears by. The interface of this editing platform is quite simple and easy to navigate which makes it a popular choice for web development. The best thing about it is its compatibility with three OS platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac. Because of this versatility, different web codes can be written and edited without any problem. Also, Atom supports crossplatform program editing, which saves a lot of unnecessary copy and pastes work, when you hire web developers.

  • The inbuilt plugin library is elementary to use in the program codes.
  • For bulk text manipulation, the multicursor feature from Atom is popular, when it comes to web development.
  • Codes written here can be integrated easily with Git.
  • Program codes are saved automatically to prevent data loss.
  • No automatic file extensions are provided while saving a document.
  • Integrating Atom with Git can be difficult, significantly, if the code alignments have changed.


  • Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Since it is developed by none other than Microsoft, VS Code platform has become one of the leading code editors in 2021. You can hire web developers and use this platform in three different OS, namely Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is a versatile solution for creating and editing the codes. With this opensource coding platform, you can deal with three different languagesTypeScript, Node JS, and JavaScript. This is why, for frontend web development, Visual Studio Code is one of the most efficient platforms.

  • With the Intelligent Code Completion feature, the rest of the codes can be quickly finished automatically without you having to provide any input snippets.
  • VS Code is a single code editing platform filled with numerous userfriendly features that make web development seamless.
  • The platform is very much efficient in code debugging for the removal of errors and obsolete codes.
  • Several plugins are present, which ensure better performance of the platform.
  • It drains a lot of battery life, which puts pressure on the device itself.
  • Any program code written or edited in this platform cant be integrated directly into the Git platform.


  • NetBeans

NetBeans is a premier opensource platform for editing programming codes. It works brilliantly with Linux, Mac and even Windows. It can be used to code Java, C++, PHP, and similar programming languages easily. The platform’s debugging capability is praiseworthy, which will allow developers to find the bugs and the errors properly without a miss. Hire web developers and have them code in the OS of your choice, as per your convenience with NetBeans

  • The platform has an autocompletion feature, which will help you to write the codes quickly.
  • NetBeans is perfect for executing serverbased applications and web pages without any hassle.
  • This platform is correctly synchronized with GitHub; this editing platform is used in various companies for coding within a project team.
  • NetBeans is an ideal platform when it comes to test scripts
  • The run time is very high, and thats why it takes quite a lot of memory space.
  • Developers can’t perform code conversion to and from other coding languages.
Final verdict

State-of-the-art web development is a game of codes. When you hire web developers who use code editors for web development, you can wrap up the project in a streamlined manner. The code editors discussed in the article above are credible choices for web development projects. Indian web developers can design codes and edit them in the most seamless manner via these editors recommended above. 

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