Top Web Development Trends to Practice In 2021

March 23, 2021
Top Web Development Trends to Practice In 2021

The recent boost in technological trends have brought forth a need for implementing new ideas and trends to traditional and almost obsolete web development methodologies. Unprecedented change can also be observed in web development.

Be it in the form of AI or mobile-responsive web pages, diverse methods are now being adopted by web developer professionals all across the world. And with the onset of 2021, the need to develop websites using the new and upgraded technologies has skyrocketed.

In the light of these events, we have decided to talk about the most trending web development practices in 2021.

  • AI-based bots 

The very first trending technology that we will describe here is the use of artificial intelligence to develop smart and almost human-like bots. These bots can chat with the audience just like a virtual assistant or perform any other function an assistant would do. Since AI is one of the most reliable and trending technologies, designing the bots based on this will give your web development the cutting-edge features it needs. 

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  • Voice search optimization 

Using the ‘find’ shortcut or the search button to reach your desired page is an obsolete practice. Not only it takes time but also effort. Backdated search technologies and the associated trouble have welcomed the introduction of voice search optimization. With Voice Search Optimisation technology, web pages respond towards the voice of a user and accordingly present the search results.

Voice search has indeed become one of the most preferred web development technologies in 2021 for improving the website’s functionality, performance, and response. 

  • JavaScript Web Pages

JavaScript is the fundamental programming language that can be used by a web developer, thanks to its lightweight and flexible features. JS codes are very easy and their syntaxes can be easily understood. Moreover, JS can be coupled with both CSS and HTML to prepare both the front-end and back-end codes. Starting from Node.JS to React, several open-source platforms are based on the JavaScript frameworks which are why using this particular technology will let you design a website as per the market expectations. 

  • IoT technology

One of the fastest-growing web development technologies in 2021 is the IoT or the Internet of Things. Here, any physical device can be connected with others over the internet. For example, you can connect your mobile phone with a smart electrical system and pass commands over the internet. Similarly, two computers can connect with each other using the internet for data transfers. These arrangements are based on IoT, which is becoming very much popular in this technological world. 

  • Single Page Applications

Netflix, Gmail, Facebook, and all these application-based websites are examples of single-page applications. Here, the app will open within the web page, thereby reducing the loading time to almost zero. As a result of this, the pages load faster without any downtime. SPAs have become quite common as they provide a higher level of flexibility along with better chances to improve the backend codes and fix the bugs fast. This is one of the skills that most companies look for when they hire web developer

  • Motion UI

Nowadays, static websites have become less appealing to users and that’s why they have almost become non-existent. As the user interface is now being used as one of the main marketing tools, it is imperative for a web developer to consider new and trendy changes in those designs for which you have different options like AI, VR, and others.

However, it is the motion UI that has bagged the most praises, and that’s why it has become one of the best web development trends in 2021. Motion UI is a library based on SaaS which allows the developers to introduce animations and several transition effects into various web elements. 

  • 3D Webpage Development

Gone are the days when websites used to include only the boring, dull, and lifeless 2D objects, including the texts, the images, and others. In today’s time, with the help of augmented and virtual reality, programmers can incorporate several 3D elements into web pages, be it the icons, the buttons, the pictures, or any other element.

With the introduction of the 3D elements, a web developer can make the web pages livelier, brighter, and appealing. The website’s charm is enhanced by several levels, which is why 3D web development has become prominent in 2021. 

  • Mobile-responsive Websites

The last trend for web development that we will discuss here is mobile responsive web designs. As almost half of the targeted audience is consistent mobile users, it is imminent for every business to ensure that their web pages can function well when opened on mobile devices. For this, the pages need to be responsive, i.e. adapts themselves according to the dimensions of the concerned mobile device.

Apart from that, the website should have a low landing and loading time. Also, the pages must not consume too much mobile charge and the RAM memory since that will affect the reputation of your online mobile website. 


The growing technologies are compelling web developers to upgrade themselves and implement the new trends in their web development strategies. These few trends we have discussed here will not only make the websites and applications more responsive but also highly efficient. Advanced implementations like these can help businesses meet the market demands easily without much hassle.

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