10 Most Useful App Ideas For Start-Ups and SMEs

October 3, 2020
App Ideas

Every business needs a viable app idea around which it can build its business offering and attract customers. As of today, mobile applications are highly popular among smartphone users, and their dispersion among the crowds is only going up. This is the time to utilize the opportunity and the potential of mobile applications and make the most of it for your business, even if it is a start-up or an SME in its incubation stage.

The utility of mobile applications

Mobile applications provide a widely accessible and visible platform for businesses to make their pitch and vouch for the attention of potential customers. Mobile apps also prove to be an economic platform for hosting visibility for the company at a minimal cost. It is expected that in the years to come, the saturation of smartphones in the hands of users is going to rise manifold. As a result, the dispersion of mobile applications is set to increase as well.

If you are planning to hire a mobile app developer to enter the market through an application, here are some excellent ideas for you to ponder and work upon.

An app which provides a solution to queries by like-minded people

A platform like this could help you find people who share the same thoughts and ideas as you. Through this application, you will be able to find people, sharing the same beliefs as you, and get to meet them or talk to them. This could be especially useful in a case when you are stuck with a project or a job that needs doing. Such personal interaction will be of much use to get it done.

An app which allows you to find people with interest in sports where you can also rent sports equipment

How often has this happened to you that you wanted to play in the open field but couldn’t find a partner to catch up with? Finding the right sports equipment is another thing that might be keeping you from playing sports which you like. The solution to this can be sought through a mobile application, which allows a meeting with people such as these and partner with them for a game.

An app which helps you plan your spending wisely

Are you someone who roams around with a lot of idle cash, with zero clues about how you must spend it? An app like this could help you plan your spending and investments and guide you where you should put your money. This app could prove to be the solution to your money that helps you plan your finances in a better way.

An app which helps you plan a wedding

Making an app for wedding purpose is a good idea. This app could cover all the vital aspects of marriage and help a user plan the deeds of the marriage functions with ease. This could be the starting point for your real-time wedding planning business.

An app to conduct barter business

There are so many people all around with a want for things that they need or things that they do not need. By bringing together these people on one platform, your business could earn by earning commissions and enabling a seamless barter system between these people.

An app for travellers with crime heat knowledge

No matter what corner of the world you travel to, you are never entirely safe from the crimes and forgery that goes on around the world. Some locations are typically famous for high crime rate, which travellers can easily share among themselves, should they be given a platform to share such things. You can benefit by building one such app for these people. Your app could function in conjunction with other popular apps and make travelling friendlier for people.

An app for people to come forward and debate actively

Differences pave the way for active discussions among people. One such method for this could be an app, where people with different opinions and voices could come forward and share their views and also converse with people with different views. Through this mobile platform, people will be able to engage in active conversations, especially with those who do not share the same beliefs as them.

An app for building interior design models with the use of augmented reality

Real-life augmented fact could be used by interior designers to help their clients see the results of their design planning. This app could be handled very well with interior designers, who otherwise rely upon charts, maps, and diagrams to a large extent. You could hire web designers to design such apps with as much creativity as they can muster.

An app that allows you to find local dates

All around the world, people are in search of real partners and people, with whom they can connect and spend some time together. Conventional apps do not offer transparency in terms of information about the users. Your app could bridge this gap by providing exceptional utility and solving the purpose of your users.

An app that allows users to search for products with their photo

Sometimes, searching for a product by its name becomes an almost impossible thing to do. No matter how many times you type it on your browser, you cannot locate the product. At other times, you may run short of time to find the product, which is when a detailed search may come in as a useful tool to save your time and effort. Such a search platform holds immense potential for success in the long run. All it would take is to hire a software developer to get the job done.

Now that we have shared the best ideas for apps, your start-up and SME can start working on these ideas and build your goodwill upon these for long term success. These apps surely command a market at present and might prove to be highly useful for your business.