Factors Affecting Onsite SEO for Your Website

July 28, 2021
Factors Affecting Onsite SEO for Your Website

Once you launch a website it is important to get organic traffic from search engines like Google. There are two parts of SEO efforts – onsite and offsite SEO. Offsite SEO is about getting traffic from third-party websites mostly by creating backlinks. Onsite SEO is more about the health of the website. Below are important factors that impact your onsite SEO.

Factors That Impact Your Onsite SEO

Quality of the page content

The most important factor in onsite SEO is the quality and quantity of the page content. It’s a proven fact that Google spiders love pages with good quality, original content. If your content is stolen then you will be punished by Google. Try to have good quality and original content, which is interesting from the point of view of users of the website.

Meta tags

The page title is important from the point of view of onsite SEO. All pages should have proper titles of pages that should describe what the pages are all about. This helps Google spiders in figuring out the topic of the page. This page title is seen on the search engine result pages. After the page titles, it is important to write meta descriptions and meta keywords of a page. This helps search engines categorize and understand your webpage.

Keyword density

Your website should use the main keywords of your website on-page. You can use the main keywords many times on the page. However, using the keywords too many times is bad for you. Earlier many website owners used to use the keyword too many times on a page to get a better ranking on search engines. But later Google started to punish them. So it is good to use your keyword many times without using it too many times. The quality of the content is always more important than the keyword density.

Multimedia use

Of late due to the explosion of video usage and higher internet speeds, search engines have started to give more importance to content that has multimedia use like texts, images, and videos. A page with multimedia use will get more importance from search engines than pages with just text.

Image Optimization

Search engine spiders can not read images. So you have to make sure that you use alt tags with images so that you can describe the topic of the image. Besides that, it is important to optimize images for the website. Make sure that the images are not too heavy on the website. You should reduce the size of the images if they are too heavy. Use online tools to reduce their sizes without loss of quality and post on the website.


At the end of the day engagement of users on your page matters more than anything. So make sure that the entire design and layout of the page are user-friendly. Also, make sure that the content is engaging which attracts people to the content. If users are spending more time on the page then it is a good sign. Make sure that the bounce rate on the website is also quite low.

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