Factors Affecting Offsite SEO for Your Website

July 22, 2021
Factors Affecting Offsite SEO for Your Website

Once you launch a website you will be looking for traffic to the website. The main purpose of the website will be to drive traffic and either generate sales or business leads. There are many factors that affect the traffic that you may get on your website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a big factor in the kind of traffic your website gets.

There are two parts to SEO. One is onsite SEO and another is offsite SEO. There are various factors affecting onsite SEO. Here we are going to discuss the factors affecting offsite SEO. These activities you do to maintain a healthy offsite SEO for your website. The more effectively it is done the better ranking of your website in the search engines like Google.

It is important to note that the leading search engine of the world, Google, does not want you to do any offsite SEO activities by manually creating backlinks from other websites for high rank in search engines. It recommends only onsite SEO activities. Google wants that all backlinks to your website should come organically.

Here are some Factors Affecting Offsite SEO for Your Website

Mainstream media mentions

A big factor in high ranking in search engines is the branding of the website. The bigger brand your company or website is the better ranking you will get. The biggest factor in branding is the number of times your brand is mentioned by mainstream media houses. If websites of top media houses keep mentioning your brand regularly the algorithm of Google will think that you are a big brand and thus you will get an advantage in SEO.

Now the question is this – how to get brand mentions for top media houses. You can do press releases that may help your news get covered by news websites of top media houses. This is a pretty good way to get an advantage in offsite SEO if you are a small company or just starting up.

Social media

Your social media presence is an important factor in your offsite activities. Even if it may not help you directly it is important to engage your users on social media platforms. Many times people start a social media account but do not update with new content, and it goes against them. Frequent updates of social media profiles are a factor in better ranking on search engines in the long run as it is part of the engagement with users.

Brand buzz

Once you start your company lot of users are bound to talk about your services or products on the internet. It is a beauty of the online world that everyone is free to express themselves about any brand or service or product. You should make sure that all mentions of your brand are positive. If people keep talking negatively about your brand then gradually it will create a negative impression of your company and it will impact your brand in the long run.

As a brand what you can do is try to resolve all queries or complaints of your users and customers. This way you will have less negative feedback about your company or services or products.

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