What makes Ruby on Rails perfect for developing the MVP for your business?

May 22, 2019

Choosing the right framework for coding your applications is never an easy task. There is a need to make a decision before you are ready to invest your money and time for. However, most technical coders and consultants will recommend you to go for Ruby on Rails. Ruby on rails is a well-suited framework for enterprise level applications be it small or medium sized apps. And statistics show why many people want to hire Ruby on Rails developer in the year 2019.

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Intro to the world of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails, also referred to simply as ‘Rails’, is a web development framework. It is an open source code which is continuously developed with a focus on having maximum happiness and productivity from the developers.

Since its creation, almost two decades back, Ruby on Rails has gone ahead to gain popularity and end up being a huge part of powerful web applications. All this is due to its vibrant and passionate developer community.

Rails provide the web developers with a framework and provide them a structure for all the codes they write for different applications. This development tool in the Rails framework is a huge help for developers when it comes to building websites and apps. This is due to its ability for abstraction and simplification of common repetitive tasks and hence save the developer from boring coding.

The Ruby programming language is used in Rails. It also helped a lot in the development of the Rails framework. Ruby is an elegant programming language loved by web developers for its crisp coding. Ruby plays a huge part in Rails. Their relation is like PHP and Symfony or even Python and Django.

The speed and agility which comes along with the use of Ruby on Rails helps increase productivity and leads to the growth of your business. It is a widely used application framework, with the popular social media site Twitter being a prominent example of its use.

Ruby on Rails comes with latest development features and the low costs of development mean businesses can benefit from quick development cycles and also save capital when they hire Ruby on Rails developer for the task.

What is MVP and how does it affect your business once you hire Ruby developers?

It has been a popularly heard phrase for some years at this point that Ruby is really efficient to develop MVP for your business. MVP is short for a minimum viable product.

It is the term used to label a mobile or web application which is made with a minimalistic design. This app is aimed to gain the early interests from potential customers, hence it is released with a minimum amount of features. This application is then released in the market upon which user feedback is received.

This user feedback is then used to develop the app further towards a fully featured release. An MVP is basically a stepping stone before releasing your finalized application. Hence an MVP contains only the important core features and functionality to give the users and testers something to suggest improvements on. MVPs hold high importance for start-ups and small business owners.

When it comes to hiring Ruby developers for MVP development, your developer must have a specialization in syntax and object-oriented programming.

They must also be quite familiar with the MVC paradigm and API+JSON for better use and manipulation of raw data. Apart from this, database management and some front end skills are also some favorable traits to look for when you hire Ruby developers.

The benefits of hiring Ruby on Rails developers in the development process of your business MVP

Ruby on rails puts emphasis on simplicity of your app

The Ruby programming language is easily understandable and defined in an expressive manner. The Ruby on Rails framework employs the use of simplistic coding which is written in a clean manner.

There is no case of having large pages filled with high complexity code. This is continuously developed with a focus on having maximum happiness and productivity from the developers. Programmers love to use Ruby on Rails as they don’t have to end up writing repetitive code. And the simplistic code is the best thing you want when you are developing an MVP.

How RoR applications have high quality

Ruby on Rails framework is optimally suited for the employment of BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) and TDD (Test Driven Development). These two development processes put emphasis on defining the test that your code has to pass before you actually start developing your program.

Use of BDD and TDD during the development process of your web application helps reduce the wastage in time due to a case of buggy code. Further, it also brings down development costs while giving out apps which are readily testable and maintainable apps having high quality.

Ruby on Rails offers flexibility and security

Ruby on Rails provides you the flexibility of development through the use of different programming languages in the front end and Back end development segments. This is done through the migration feature offered through the Ruby on Rails framework which helps in decoupling the back end database from the front end database.

Also, it provides the built-in features which help in testing the code for any vulnerabilities which can be exploited in the code. You can use the available tools to take care of the safety and the operational security of your program.