Why Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in 2019

March 19, 2019
hire ruby developers

There comes a time for every company when it needs to make the selection of its technology just before starting the product. For its many start-up potentials, hire ruby developers is preferred by start-ups globally.

This is the reason why the Ruby on Rails designers have been in high demand since the time the technology has grown famous. As of 2019, the question we are met with is, whether this drift will prevail or disappear away. We write this article to analyze how appropriate it would be to hire ruby on rails developer in 2019 and beyond.

According to technology experts, this technology is here to stay. Here are a few explanations and comments in support of this view:

1. A technology based on a continually developing language

Ruby on Rails is grounded on Ruby which is a continually developing language. With its updates coming at least two times in a year, it is guaranteed that the language has kept on developing to keep pace with the current requirements. The announcement of Ruby 3 is anticipated in 2020 which is expected to make it curiously faster.

2. Top Programming Language of GitHub

Highlighted to be one of the topmost programming languages of GitHub even in 2018, it is extremely doubtful that Ruby is going to develop archaic anytime soon.

With the prime enterprises of the world such as Airbnb still currently using it, the language has the aptitude of a justifiable future for years to come. With much more speed going to be added into the language by 2020, it displays the potential of being upheld over time.

3. Backed by a lively and loyal community

The Ruby on Rails Framework has a great deal of active followers and contributors on GitHub. Over 3,500, these contributors are lively and keen about keeping the framework prolific and quick with the contribution of steady updates and making of new gems.

This does not only help in making the growth easier and faster, but it also allows consistent input of experiences and effective troubleshooting of the matters to provide knowledge and support for the evolving developers. With extravagant documentation, the framework of Ruby on Rails is growing just the way Ruby is growing.

4. A multipurpose language fit for start-ups

Whether using it for construction of the interior tools or for prototyping an invention, Ruby is a very multipurpose language that is suitable for all your start-up requirements.

With its beneficial features, Ruby is resourceful with delivering and spreading software products as soon as it could be actually imaginable. Also, Ruby makes growth easier and inexpensive whether it is about building or ranging the applications or producing the backend tools, where the top precedence of a start-up is efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

5. Designed for Developer’s Delight

Lastly, when we talk about the virtues of Ruby, how cannot mention that it was a programming language that was theorized seeing the ease and pleasure of the developer using it.

With extensive libraries and resources for knowledge, a lively and well-organized community, well-laid-out practices and humble and instinctive syntax, Ruby is certainly a programming language that generates sheer joy for the developer using it. And it goes without mentioning that a content developer is more likely to produce more value for the customers.

In the end, it can be said that in a sea of languages trying to rise to the same platform as Ruby by implementing the best assets of the language, Ruby does have a first come to market advantage in terms of the maturity it has received and the large public fanbase it has developed.

Benefits of hire of ruby developers

In conclusion, it can be said that Ruby upholds its position as the language of excellence to meet all your start-up requirements in 2019 and beyond. This is the reason why it is still as appropriate to hire ruby on rails developer for your start-up expansion needs.

You can hire ruby developers or a team of Rails Developers to work as an extension to your crew and accelerate your growth or troubleshoot any problems you are facing with your prototype construction.