Website Elements that Can Boost Your eCommerce Business in 2021

November 23, 2020
Website Elements that Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business in 2021

There has been an evident surge in the number of consumers who make purchases online through e-commerce websites. Consequently, it’s favourable for business owners to launch their eCommerce websites to expand their outreach. E-commerce business owners connect with their existing customer base and make connections with new ones through outperforming websites that help with virtual product displays, payment gateways and convenience of shopping 24*7. 

There are time tested ways in which a website can be improved to boost the eCommerce business. We bring to you brilliant website elements that can improve your eCommerce business in impressive ways along with this there are some eCommerce myths that should be known:

  • Homepage Personalization

Through personalization, websites can record what customers viewed or visited during their last session. This data can be used to make new buying suggestions during following visits. Homepage personalization can also be based on real-time data such as a location or time. Creating user-centric shopping experience increases sales and fosters brand loyalty into a customer. 

  • Engaging UX Design

User experience design is the life force of any website that is live online. A website visitor often believes that a credible business owns a website with good UX design. Over the age of design, it has been seen that minimalistic UX design that uses simple color schemes, legible typography stands the test of time in terms of popularity instead of pushy designs. Keep UX clutter-free to avoid distractions for users. 

  • Well-planned Navigation

Most eCommerce businesses find themselves fueling a lot of investment into the business to fetch web traffic from search engines. However, a business which does not prioritize websites that guide visitors to make purchases fails its own purpose. The website navigation pattern needs to be so that it helps website visitors find desirable products and services with ease. Ideal navigation patterns, when put to use magnify user experience, increase sales and boost revenue. Sticking to the usual trends of navigation patterns helps build familiarity for new website visitors. For example, the website’s main navigation menu should be placed at the top of the page or on the left side.

  • Quality Pictures

Since images are the principal deciding factors that help website visitors in making a purchase decision, they should be of high quality. Small, blurry, hazy or pixelated images never cut when it comes to online shopping. Deck up your e-store front with multiple pictures of each product to give the shopper a realistic feel of the product. Better still, a 360-degree view or a video of the products can speed up the purchase. High-quality images translate to more conversions on the website.

  • Well-worded Product Descriptions

Every product description should supply relevant information that revolves around the product being sold. For example, list out the benefits and features of any product of your e-store, to impress visitors and to give them a wholesome idea of what it actually is. Engaging content like limited time offers, first-time discounts and minimum purchase offer further encourage purchases.

  • Easy Checkout

Websites that simplify the checkout experience for their users often meet success as an eCommerce business because of diminished cart abandonment rates. As buyers find it easier to add items to the cart, they shop with convenience. Integrating options like guest checkout, form filling, multiple payment gateways and clear cut cart summary impress shoppers. The checkout page should also be checked for speed as it encourages sales, customer retention and brand loyalty. 

  • Live Chat

It’s common for online shoppers to need help while making purchases online. Live chat offers omnipresent support to online shoppers on ecommerce websites. Building up live chat functionalities into an e-commerce website can result in multiple conversions and consequent sales. Live chat features an instant messaging software that presents an answer to the website user right away without any wait times. It not only enhances customer satisfaction but also their loyalty towards the brand. Live chat is a cost-efficient way to level up the customer service for an eCommerce business. 

  • Upsells

Upselling is one of the most potent weapons for eCommerce businesses who are looking for ways to multiply their sales. Website owners must integrate recommendations of complementary products, warranties and logical bundles along with their products to motivate visitors to purchase more. 

  • Testimonials

Social proof inspires purchase. Online shoppers often trust peer recommendations while making eCommerce purchases. Incorporate space for reviews, testimonials or a ‘what our customers say’ section into your eCommerce website to make a visitor believe in what you have to offer. When a website visitor sees what other people have to share about their experience with your business, it brings credibility in you as a seller. 

  • Include CTAs

Clear and inviting call-to-action buttons can be a dynamic conversion optimizer for your eCommerce website. Web developers must make it a point to use CTAs to get visitors to sign up for the mailing list, subscribe to a service or even make a purchase. CTA buttons that stand out when placed on the website template often help boost business sales. 



Creating visually attractive websites with ease of accessibility for all the website features ensures users love the website. Innovative website elements make users feel welcome and entice them into making purchases. Incorporating various ecommerce website design elements like these into a website can reform their user experience. Website owners can encourage more traffic and create a profiteering business for themselves with these innovative elements.

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