Virtual Assistant: The Necessary Tool of Every Entrepreneur

December 19, 2018

Nowadays, more and more people opt for the creation of their own company. In Europe, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly strong, in the United Kingdom, for example, the rate of entrepreneurs has increased up to 16% over the last decade.

Among other things undertaking involves a more or less large investment of money but, above all, time, that’s for sure. The beginnings of a business project are very hard moments in which you must lay the pillars of what your business will be and only count on your own efforts to develop it. There comes a need when you look for a virtual assistant agency to hire a virtual assistant.

The hiring of a virtual assistant is a very particular issue, so it is advisable that you invest a minimum of time in analyzing the needs of your business, have a basic study on the weaknesses and strengths of your project, as well as analyze different profiles that can be adapted to the pace of work of your company.

Having the support of virtual personal assistant services can be very useful to start the first steps of your company without having to wear out your energies. Through this article you will discover what a virtual assistant consists of, the benefits it can bring to the business project as well as the tasks that it can develop on its own.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who provides companies with support services for the development of administrative tasks. Virtual assistance allows all types of companies but, above all, a new creation, enjoy support in management tasks without having to hire staff. Technological advances allow these services to be processed quickly and directly. The work is done via phone, email and regular mail.

Tasks to delegate

Before the incorporation of a virtual assistant to your company, you must be collecting all the tasks for a short period of time (more or less a week) that you perform necessary for your company. Some of the tasks that you will aim will be the following:

    • Read and answer customer emails.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Manage the weekly agenda.
    • Financial and administrative control of the business.
    • Community Manager tasks.

All these tasks that we develop automatically every week must be framed in a procedure manual. This manual will be the working guide for your virtual assistant and will allow you to perform all delegated tasks without the need to interrupt your work time for consultations. In addition, documenting the processes will be useful in the future for the incorporation of personnel to your company.

Benefits of a virtual assistant

When you hire a virtual assistant you acquire, from the first moment, a series of benefits for your company.

As we have said before, hiring services from trusted virtual assistant companies means saving the labor costs of having your own staff. The expense for your company will only mean the time you decide that the assistant must invest in your business.

The work is done remotely, that is, you will not need an own space for the assistant since he will perform the tasks of your company from their own facilities, therefore, you will not have to increase the physical space of your office.

Improve the image and the perception of the client about your company. A client feels more comfortable when he perceives that more than one person works in the company.

With this, you will get a serious business image for two reasons: the first, the customer will be served by a qualified person who will attend professionally, and the second, your virtual assistant will attend the customer without having to watch the clock, aspect that sure you would take into account if your client was interrupting an important task.

Transferring tasks to a virtual assistant will mean saving you time that you can invest both in free time and in a greater dedication to the most important tasks of the business. In this way, the productivity of work will be increased and, therefore, also the profitability.

Hiring the services of a virtual assistant is a lesser risk to your business because, in case of dissatisfaction with the services provided, it will be sufficient not to renew the assistant’s contract without incurring additional costs for your company as it may involve a staff of their own.

As we have indicated at the beginning, having a virtual assistant is an important and proper issue. We advise you to take the time necessary to reach a decision. Thanks to the appearance of the virtual assistants, undertaking it was never so easy.

What do you say, do you agree that working with a virtual assistant can make a big difference in your endeavor? Leave your comment below and we talk about it. If you liked the article, you help me a lot if you spread it on your social networks, so cheer up.