Why Your Small Business Needs A Virtual Assistant?

April 25, 2018

Studies have recorded that almost 50 percent of startups or small businesses flop in its initial four years noting incompetence as the main source of these failures. With this, entrepreneurs are asked to try harder in all viewpoints that would potentially push their business to progress. These efforts run from setting up one’s brand to make use of restricted assets and appealing to the gathering of people, hoping that the market would see the significance of the products and services you offer.

While juggling every one of these worries may appear impossible to most, there is one pattern that is considered as compelling in acing your game as entrepreneurs and that seems to be, employing a virtual assistant to take into account the distinctive needs of your business without investing on building a solid office workforce.

Virtual Assistants (VA), from “virtual”, means getting assistance from a skilled & proficient individual who works remotely from their location. Hiring one guarantees a smooth work process in your business, offering all of you the comfort you need.

A Virtual Assistant can help you to develop your business as well as help with your to-do-list. With this, you can have more opportunity for yourself, loved ones or if you are a core entrepreneur, you can search for new opportunities to develop your business. Virtual Assistants are not your employees but rather self-employed individuals and your trusted business partners who are as dedicated to your business as you are and they tend to do your business simply as you do. They understand you and your business superior to anyone else.

A virtual assistant is an advantageous investment for your startup or small business if you know how they can (and should) be used. If fall into any of these categories, it may be a great opportunity to think about a VA:

  1. You don’t require and can’t bear the cost of a full-time worker.
  2. You’re experiencing difficulty finishing your most important tasks.
  3. You need work was done that doesn’t require an office presence.
  4. You travel a lot and need somebody who likes working virtually.
  5. You invest more energy in organizing than executing.
  6. You recognize what tasks need to be done yet you don’t have the manpower.

If you face these issues then you definitely need to turn to a virtual assistant. We are going to discuss some points in details about how a Virtual Assistant can support you in growing your business:

Reduce your cost of business
One of the fundamental reasons individuals hire a Virtual Assistant is to realign their budget or to opt for a cost-effective option. A Virtual Assistant’s cost is less when compared to a full-time employee in light of the fact that the entrepreneurs don’t pay benefits. A Virtual Assistant can spare you as much as 40% in the operational expense.

Increase business level
If Financials demonstrate that your volume of business is continually expanding, however the turnaround time for expectations has slowed down, that implies it might be an opportunity to scale up your business. Scaling needs an extra resource to oblige the expanding volume of work. A Virtual Assistant keeps your incremental costs lower, as well as keeps your business flexible. For scaling up your business, a Virtual Assistant is the best option.

Organize your business
Organizing saves your time, money and sanity and is the key factor that will turn out to be essential in the everyday plan. A Virtual Assistant can set up a virtual working environment where everything from management and file sharing, to time-keeping and communication, can be proficient. To put it plainly, a virtual working environment makes it less demanding to designate work, track performance and work together with the virtual group. With the assistance of a Virtual Assistant, you can accomplish more work and limit the risk of mistakes.

Access to Better Talent

You approach the best talents of the world at a reasonable cost. VA’s have an involvement in working with a variety of industries so they have genuine great learning and experience which gets reflected in each assignment performed by them. This implies best aptitudes at comparatively low costs which truly will take your business to heights. They are mostly multi-tasking also so your one VA can take care of multiple tasks.

Higher Retention Rate
Most Virtual Employees are happy with their job so they have a higher retention rate. Stats demonstrate that 82% of them are reported lower stress level. They don’t have a 9 to 5 work routine to tail; they work in according to their solace so they will probably have a perfect work-life balance which makes them less inclined to quit their job.

Increase productivity
Employing a virtual assistant massively affects accomplishing profitability, on the grounds that does this technique bring down business costs, as well as expands productivity. This is because it manages you more opportunity to focus or take care of core activities that need your expertise. Getting a VA from a recommended agency can guarantee the caliber and professionalism that guarantee you can totally depend on them, and that there is a backup if and when the assistant is sick or away.

Increase flexibility and work-life balance
Your VA can enable you to balance your work-life basically by managing you the advantage of time. With trusted assistants, you can resemble Tim Ferris and explore the world, while the business keeps on running. On the back of this, it is frequently the case that when you discover time for the other things that matter in your life, you turn out to be more productive.

Now when you know all the benefits of hiring a Virtual employee, and you have also speculated if you need one or not (and if you are still reading this I would assume you need one), let me disclose how to find the best one for you and begin with them. Let’s go:

  • Before hiring your first VA, be sure about the jobs that you might want them to take over from you.
  • Determine if the profile of the VA suits your business needs.
  • Like your other employees, they need to go through a small interview session where you’ll need to check them carefully and that starts with laying out your needs and conditions in a job description.
  • Create a great detailed Job List that you want to be done and how you want it to be done.
  • Ask the VA to show samples of their past works.
  • Ask people for references.
  • Start by providing some sample work or test work initially to start with so that you can see if he is the person worth investing and is a good fit.
  • Find online tools that can help you the track the hours and manage the assistants.

Knowing and seeing how to scale your business effectively is vital to your profitability and your business’ success. If it doesn’t bode well to hire a full-time employee, however having an additional hand on projects is fundamental to your growth, it’s presumably time to enlist a virtual assistant. Just think what might you be able to do with an additional couple of hours a week… !

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