Top Blockchain App Ideas for Business Growth 2021

September 4, 2020
Blockchain App Ideas

The global blockchain market is projected to grow to $39.7 billion by 2025. Blockchain technology helps create secure peer-to-peer transactions. It not only secures relevant data but also records everything of value virtually. Businesses can use Blockchain for secured anonymous transactions. An app programmer can help companies to build secure blockchain apps, simplify business operations and even help with supply chain management. 

Here we discuss some of the top blockchain app ideas for business growth in 2020:

  • Smart Contracts App

During the renting out or purchase of properties, both money and dees are secured with a third party such as a trusted lawyer or bank. The third party ascertains that 

both parties of the deal fulfill their contract requirements and then move to hand over the money and agreements accordingly.

A blockchain-backed smart contracts app can automate this lengthy process without any need to involve any third parties. Both entrants can submit the money and deed to the app in digital format directly along with the agreement. 

  • Consultation Fees Calculator App

Online consultants often find it tedious to calculate their fees in terms of the time they devote to various clients. Sometimes, clients think it is unfair to be charged on a per-hour basis when the consultation lasts for only a few minutes. Any successful consultant, on the other hand, would not like to calculate their charges by the minute. 

A consultation fees calculator created with the help of Blockchain can help consultants to devote time to clients and get paid for it most fairly. They can choose to set their rates by the hour, month or even minutes to best suit the needs of their clients. 

  • Music Distribution App

With an aim to allow musicians and professional music distributors to share details of rights and royalties for music tracks they publish online, Blockchain can be used to develop an app. 

This app can enable smart contracts automatically, license recordings, and even accept payments each time they are played anywhere. Such an app can transform the music industry’s payment mechanism.

  • Photo Ownership Protection App

Photo owners often find it challenging to be justly reimbursed as viewers often use their content without asking for consent. They face copyright infringement and privacy issues with their content. Even stock photography channels face issues like creative control and rights. 

An app made to secure the work of photographers is a necessity in the market. A blockchain photo ownership protection app can help photographers register their work on the platform. Such an app can ensure the tracking of images so that they aren’t used online without owner’s permission. Finally, it can automate the photographer’s licensing payments automatically.

  • Automatic Ink Cartridge Ordering App

It’s irritating to run out of a cartridge when it’s time to print an essential document. An app that helps printers use smart contracts to assign commands to ink cartridge companies when the ink runs out allows you to get new supplies just in time. 

  • Stock Market App

A Blockchain-based app that helps investors issue, register, and trade shares freely is the need of the hour. Blockchain technology can impact the future of the stock market in multiple ways. In present times, many stock market trades pass through a lengthy settlement process that takes days, due to the involvement of intermediaries at various levels, such as clearinghouses, exchanges, and regulatory processes. Etc. However, with blockchain networks, settlement times are dropped to minutes from days strategically and offer improved and reduced error transactions. 

  1. Untamperable Voting App

Democracies thrive on fair elections. A notch up from paper-based voting systems, e-voting through machines and apps helps with maintaining transparency throughout the process.

A blockchain mobile voting app can refine the voting system with its ability to secure data without subjecting it to breaches. Voting through mobile apps guarantees not only higher voter participation but also reduces the need for massive infrastructural expenses that go into election management.

  1. Smart City Platform Apps

Increased internet penetration is paving the way for a more connected infrastructural ecosystem in modern cities through ‘smart’ devices. Apps can connect these ‘smart’ infrastructural amenities like street lamps, surveillance cameras, kiosks, and buildings. 

Smart City Platform Apps can facilitate the lifestyle of residents and add distinct conveniences. Such apps use sensors embedded in physical things like infrastructural devices and keep them connected. 


In buzz since its introduction in 2009, blockchain technology has evolved enormously to pave the way for multiple industries that intend to make applications using it. It can make current business models more transparent, secured, and reliable. A mobile app developer can help businesses with Blockchain apps based on their app idea.

We hope these blockchain app ideas impress enterprises or small businesses interested in investing in Blockchain. Still, in a nascent stage, blockchain technology will evolve as the scope for innovation increases. Hire mobile app developers to convert these brilliant blockchain app ideas into reality. A mobile app developer who has full knowledge in the field of blockchain tech can really drive your business to success. Is your business blockchain ready? Reach out to us and let us help you with some blockchain app ideas.