The Secret to Designing Landing Pages that Convert Instantly

June 14, 2021
The Secret to Designing Landing Pages that Convert Instantly

All successful campaigns start with robust landing pages that feature striking pictures, compelling CTAs, and strategic use of the negative spaces but is there anything more that can ensure high conversions? In this piece, we delve deep into the anatomy of landing pages and how you can design a high converting landing page for your next campaign:

  • Video Engagement 

Amp up your landing page conversions with videos that work up the engagement rates. Explainer videos present the multiple functionalities of a product or service to the target set of audience in the most lively manner. Even moving pictures tend to optimize landing pages in favor of the business. Create a video that shares the core value proposition of your product or services and incorporate it into the landing page design to elicit action.

  • One-at-a-time Value Proposition

To ascertain that a site visitor takes home clear value of your product and services, simplify your pitch. Simplify it so much that it becomes crystal clear even to a buffoon. Overloading a site visitor with multiple layers or facets of information would be a crime at this point. The landing page should limit itself to the main message that a visitor should take away. A shorter copy retains better than a long copy on a visitor’s mind.

  • Think Page Flow

Landing page design should begin with a wireframe. It ensures that the page design is engaging and is linear. Begin with an outline and think about how your design offers customers an exact solution to your problem. Going by the page flow helps you stick to best practices without missing out on any important element.

  • Uncomplicate

There will always be a set of visitors who may find your product or working model confusing or complex. An easily understandable landing page reiterates a visitor’s trust in your product and services and hooks them up. Ensure that your landing page is well-designed enough to make it convenient for the visitors to comprehend the value proposition and sign up.

  • Handhold Visitors to Conversions

UX designers must ensure visitors are well-guided through the process to avoid distractions on the course to conversions. They need to align the copy with visual cues consistent through a visitor’s navigation journey. Uni-tone messaging across ads, emails, creatives, and landing pages are a good way to emphasize what you want to say and drive conversions.

  • Design that Highlights the Offer

Best UX designers keep the design straightforward and highlight the offer so that it outshines to a visitor. Scattered elements can crowd the landing page unnecessarily, conveying little value. It also means that a visitor would have to hover around the page to understand what a business offers. Add directional cues and lead the visitors to the area that hosts the offer they get. Have them sign up instantly.

  • Encash on the Social Proof

Benefit-oriented messaging pushes conversions. Businesses can drive their conversions through the roof with a landing page that shows the other people avail of the service or buy the product. Featuring some videos or written testimonials of your previous clients reinforces a visitor’s trust in your offer services. 

  • Keep call-to-action Descriptive

A descriptive call to action means telling a visitor what will happen if they sign up, join or buy. Using a descriptive CTA tells your audience the immediate aftermath of this action. It clarifies the purpose of the landing page. Disclose what follows next with a crisp copy. 

  • Satiate the Search Intent of Visitors

Landing page designs should match the search intent of the visitor through written copy and visual graphics. Mismatched pitches are the biggest contributors to bounce rates. Serve a visitor exactly what they are looking for. Create a page with content that aligns with the search intent of the visitor. Even better is a landing page that demonstrates to visitors the answers to what they are looking for in innovative ways. It’s best to correlate the search with an exact visual cue of the product feature in software and app businesses.

  • Build a Sense of Urgency

Most digital marketers like to build upon a prospect’s fear of missing out. It’s best to make a user feel how it’s important to use a product or a service at that particular time to get them to convert. Businesses can work out instantaneous conversions by incorporating a certain sense of urgency or FOMO in their landing pages. Right messaging served at the right time leads to sure-shot conversion. Even setting an expiry date for the CTA can drive instant clicks.

  • Brand Voice

The vibe of a landing page must match the tone, voice, and branding of the business itself. Going away from the characteristic elements of your brand would not be in the interest of the landing page conversions. Keeping the elements unified helps visitors feel familiar in the absence of any deviation in style. 

In the End

Landing pages are the best way to build customer loyalty and increase profits by focusing on a specific short-term goal. Although conversion rate is a mix of multiple factors besides the actual landing page, the design of the landing page itself drives it incessantly. As long as you keep these hacks at the heart of your landing page design and run skillfully targeted ads, you are bound to improve the conversion rates for your business.

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