How to scale your business system with the virtual assistant

March 18, 2019

The words “outsourcing” or “hire a virtual assistant” don’t really get the majority of people excited.

There’s no surprise in that provided that the majority of us have had a really bad encounter trying to find even one person who is reliable enough and willing to assist us in our business, let alone a team of virtual assistants.

We’ve all found that person who seems pretty skilled but is simply not reliable at all. One fine day they just answer your emails, never to seen again. You’ve perhaps tried numerous solutions, searched in various places… only to end up with the same disappointing results.

The reality is that there are millions of people all over the world who are extremely able and keen on working for rates that are affordable.

When should hire a virtual assistant

When found and hired virtual assistant services, you can have a team of small or large virtual assistants that are highly-skilled, experienced pros providing value to your business while you are resting. That is the reason you can imagine how virtual assistants or VA have become a necessity for entrepreneurs.

Over the years, people have hired around millions of virtual assistants and if you google “virtual assistant India” you’ll find millions of expert VAs ready to be hired. But beware there may be many failures till you find the right ones. However, at this point, the number of skilled virtual assistants available is extremely high, hence improving your success rates.

Why you need a virtual assistant services

Most people hear the term “virtual assistant services” or “VA” and think about hiring someone to help with tasks like scheduling meetings, email handling, etc. The stuff that is minor. Instead, think of marketing, outreach, customer support, design, SEO, and much more.

Email handling and scheduling are not exactly repeatable tasks. Most emails require direct answers from the superiors to answer clients or real people looking for a real answer from the company. It’s not the best idea to outsource that.

Once hire personal assistant what tasks they can?

Virtual assistants are best equipped for responsibilities that can be blueprinted and done in a repeatable manner. Almost anything can be blueprinted given enough effort except maybe scheduling and answering emails.

Once you hire a virtual assistant they can perform a large number of activities according to the type of business. That is the reason a virtual assistant can make a world of difference for small business owners. They are equipped with a varied skill set that can be quite beneficial to an organization. These can include:

  • Obtain customer feedback upon cancelation and organize the databases
  • Create blogs, posts and infographics
  • Answer customer support queries
  • Find potential clients that can be reached out to
  • Add comments to relevant conversations as feedback and produce traffic
  • Create supporting articles and Quora answers
  • Edit videos for minor changes
  • Recycle content such as creating graphics, slides, videos, etc. out of pre-existent content
  • Any kind of research work like finding clients and handling twitter accounts, maintaining any kind of lists and performing keyword research

How to make work balance once you hire a virtual assistant

The best part is that, in most cases, a single person can do all of the above. Thus, there is very little waiting time for each virtual assistant. You can keep all the documentation and tasks a VA can work on in a single convenient place and let VAs know what the chief priority is. And then permit them to work on any of the tasks they prefer after their main task is complete.

For example, you can tell a VA that their main job is support and that if a customer requires support, they need to get on that duty directly. If there are no support questions at the moment, then they can choose their priority of the extra tasks they need to complete.

This has the effect of providing each person plenty of work but also allows some flexibility of things so that they stay happy working.

It is really hard to outsource your work effectively if you don’t have a planned method to follow. Getting it right is what can allow you to grow your business and be successful.

If you have any questions about outsourcing and virtual assistant services, please don’t hesitate to google it and do your research before you go ahead and have your first experience with hiring virtual assistants.