How to Have a Balanced Workload and Prevent Virtual Assistant Exhaustion

May 16, 2019
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Most of the business owners manage their businesses directly, keeping tabs on everything from recruitment to finance and marketing. But, when they feel the need to entrust key responsibilities to someone else, they get anxious because it is difficult to decide what to delegate to an assistant and what not. And when they plan to hire virtual assistants, the choice becomes even more tricky because they are dealing with somebody who is located 5000 miles away, in a completely different time zone and culture.

However, hiring a virtual assistant can help them save a lot of time and money which they can otherwise spend on something more productive. So, if you are in that situation, how will you spend your freed-up time?

How hire of personal assistant save time

Virtual assistants help a lot when it comes to saving time and money in your day to day tasks. Time spent on research or management is reduced by over half when you hire a personal assistant and it helps you to get new verticals for your business. And they don’t have any workplace-related expenses that you need to take care of.

Their hourly rate is all you got to pay your virtual assistant. And this, over time, has a lot of benefits over just hiring a local assistant in terms of cost savings and time saving.



Many people are looking to hire a virtual assistant for their business. Today, it seems an enticing prospect. Statista reports that the number of Virtual Assistants has grown almost four-times from 390 million in 2015 to an estimated 1.39 Billion in 2019! As per the market watch global virtual assistant market is growing rapidly.

Hustling mentality and lack of self-care leading to burnouts

Today, we see start-ups everywhere. New businesses rise on the shoulders of hustlers who are determined to achieve growth and lead their brand to new heights. But most people forget that they are just humans, and like any other individual, they need a break too. Trying to do too much, businesses can end up putting a huge amount of workload on the virtual assistant.

This trend has led to the rise of talk about mental workload and its effects in the lives of the employees both at work and at home. People are coming forward to talk and shed light on the ways it has a negative impact on their lives and overall happiness when the workload gets too excessive. It goes on to affect a person’s lifestyle and health in extreme cases. Hence it is a big deal.

However, in reality, and contrary to popular belief, it is not the physical workload that actually affects the workers so negatively. It is the workload on the person’s brain and emotions which often ends up leading to burnout cases and a lapse in efficiency. The mental labor caused by excessive workload can lead to employees feeling mentally tired and face a lack of motivation to work as usual, which affects their performance.

Finding the right balance to ensure optimal productivity through virtual assistant services

When you set out to get virtual assistant services, you should look to set up a routine for your employee to help them better gel with your existing framework. This will help both parties have a clear idea of their time when they are making any plans, be it the employee’s personal plans you’re your work plans.

What is special when you hire a virtual assistant from India

When you hire virtual assistant India provides, understand and put a hard stop for work beyond certain hours. This helps ensure that your employee is not ending up working in their personal time just to finish the job. This goes a long way when it comes to preventing burnouts.

There have to be setting priorities for all tasks so that the worker can focus to complete important tasks first rather than having to worry about finishing everything at the same time.

How to manage workload when you hire virtual assistants

Finally, you need to set some clear boundaries regarding the work. Your employee is not a work machine. They too are just a human and they need their personal time.

Setting fixed decisions about the work hours and the timings for communications helps manage the workload for your remote employee. When you hire a virtual assistant India has to offer, it’s your duty to take care of their workload.

Final Words

The decision you need to make here is whether the return you get from your assistant is worth the resources your business has to spend on them. Surely you can benefit a lot from a virtual assistant. But for that, you have to make all the smart choices.

These choices have to ensure that you efficiently manage workload when you hire a personal assistant so that your virtual assistant is able to be mentally fresh and able to give their best to the company.