How to give productive feedback to your virtual assistant that gets results

April 26, 2019

Hiring Virtual assistant gives an opportunity for business owners to find someone who is talented and has the ability to complete the work efficiently, though at a lower cost. There is a growing trend across the world, of hiring virtual assistants for doing a wide variety of jobs such as emailing, phone calls, writing, coordination, etc. With the new collaborative tools making it easier than ever to work with people who are in different time zones and geographies, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking at distant countries to hire people with the required skill sets. These resources will work alongside their other team members and give a much-needed competitive advantage.

Statistics say why should hire a virtual assistant

Many people are looking to hire a virtual assistant for their business. Today, it seems an enticing prospect. Statista reports that the number of Virtual Assistants has grown almost four-times from 390 million in 2015 to an estimated 1.39 Billion in 2019!

Benefits of Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services help a lot small to mid-size business when it comes to saving time and money in your day to day tasks. Time spent on research or management is reduced by over half when you hire a personal assistant.

And they don’t have any workplace-related expenses that you need to take care of. Their hourly rate is all you got to pay your virtual assistant. And this, over time, has a lot of benefits over just hiring a local assistant in terms of cost savings.

Things to keep in mind once you hire a virtual assistant

Once you are sure that you need to hire a virtual assistant, it’s time to finally employ someone. However, this task isn’t easy. A virtual assistant needs better efforts to ensure that they are able to get the right directions for their work.

Your new assistant needs guidance to fit in your existing framework. This requires training them to manage their jobs and take up the tasks that you wish to delegate to them.

Feedback is the key to efficient work and continuous improvement

The best way you can work with any employee is a constant cycle of tasks and feedback. This cycle is necessary to ensure that when you hire a personal assistant, you both are on the same page.

This communication also ensures that both the virtual assistant and you don’t leave any chances for miscommunication for the work that has to be done. Miscommunication possesses the risk of unnecessary waste of time and resources without the proper returns on the investments.

Why Virtual Assistant from India

However, even the best virtual assistant India has to offer can’t work at their best without proper feedback. Proper feedback is something which is constructive. It can help the virtual assistant analyze their performance and improve on key areas.

It consists of the things which were good in the work and the things which were not up to the mark. Getting to know what is working and what has to be improved upon helps the employee improve the quality and efficiency of the virtual assistant services being provided.

The way of providing feedback which is constructive

You want to get results from your employees. Business is based on the returns it can make from its investments. Without results, there will be no growth. Maybe you aren’t getting as good results as you would have wanted when you decided to hire a personal assistant. Or perhaps you think that efficiency and quality can be improved. This makes learning to give constructive feedback important.

Review matters once you hire personal assistant

To give positive feedback, you need to review the material which was submitted by your virtual assistant. This will help you analyze the strong points and weak points in the completion of their assignment.

Constructive feedback is supposed to tell the employee both the good and the bad in their approach.

Best way to provide constructive feedback is to start with the good points, then mention all the negatives. Finally, you finish the feedback with the remaining positives of the assessment.

This method ensures that the positives and the negatives are delivered to your employee properly. And the feedback that starts and ends on a positive note is better as the assistant was provided not criticism, but the steps which can be used for improving.

When you are able to provide constructive feedback, you improve the working relationship that you have with your employee. And you also improve the quality of the results you will receive from them. This ensures that when you get the best virtual assistant India has to offer, you are able to get the best out of them!