How To Design A Great Social Media App That Drives Massive Users?

June 27, 2021
How To Design A Great Social Media App That Drives Massive Users

More than 3.78 million people use social media globally, with an average time spent 2.5 hours per day. The swing is upwards when it comes to social media app adoption and usage. Right from social networking apps, media sharing networks, discussion forums, review apps to blogging platforms and messaging apps, everything that humanizes the social interaction experience falls under the gamut of social media apps. Getting a perspective on the particular category you want to develop an app in, researching the user person, and eyeing out for trending features helps create an app that users get attracted towards.

  • Design Workflow

During the social media app design process, app designers must think about the app logic, navigation patterns, app UI, interactions and aim to create app UX that attracts users. Begin with an app wireframe for basic outlines and logic assessment. It helps find the number of screens and see a visual skeletal representation of the app is making.

A prototype helps showcase how the app will work and kickstarts the development process. App designers convert a wireframe to app designs during the app skin design while incorporating planned features to attract potential users. Hire an app developer to help you configure the app design workflow.

  • Technological Advancements

Virtual Reality environment can take social media interaction to the next level. VR tech could empower people to interact in VR-backed environments. VR technology allows app makers to include multiple opportunities to incorporate trending features in the social media app. It’s best to create parts that attract Generation Z people, understand their psychology, and cater to their particular needs. Even AI and chatbot integration can escalate the UX for a social media app user. 

  • App Publication

App publication needs promotional material for app promotion. This material can be in the form of video tutorials, write-ups or screenshots, etc. Such material helps social media apps stand out on the play store during app publication. Additionally, a good meta description, tags, and hand segmentation help the app reach the target audience. App publication best practices also help garner massive support from the potential user base. Hire a digital marketing expert to help your business with social media app publication.

  • Cool Features

Short stories are the latest trend in the world of social media. These stories do disappear in 24 hours; they are alive for a short duration and keep a user’s interest hooked. Even live video streaming is an excellent way for users to broadcast their content to a live audience. Features like multi-language support in social media apps also increase audience outreach globally. 

  • Social Media App Strategy

If you have a great social media app, you need to get a good app strategy to help with successful app development. Depending on the market analysis, you can gather actionable insights about the competitors. A targetted social media category that aims to grow the audience needs a strategy that improves critical performance indicators. The strategy can include lead generation, user retention, and app monetization techniques to boost user acquisition. For making an app strategy, you can interview a potential user base and probe them about their pain points. This helps in building a social media app that is the right product-market fit.

  • Focus on the UX design

To make a social media app a hit among users, it’s best to create an intuitive user experience. An easily navigable app will appeal to the users and drive a massive fan following. Sometimes, it’s best to stick with standard web design templates to ensure easy navigation. In fact, app designers should focus on consistency of UX throughout the app to mitigate any instances of confusion for the users. Being a social network allows users to have a profile and share valuable information about them. This can be a hook for people who are looking to make social connections via an app.

  • Decide User Acquisition Channels

 To drive a massive user base, it’s important to strategize a user acquisition strategy. The use of intelligent banners on the website can lead users to the app home page and increase installs. Content marketing avenues like blog portals, video streams, and infographic taps can engage visitors on topics of their choice and boost app installs through CTAs. Promoting your new app on an existing social media app can also get you some limelight. Influencer marketing and referral marketing are good ways to build healthy relationships with the target audience.

  • Continuous Technical Support

The feedback from a user session is helpful when it comes to fixing bugs and app updates to incorporate the newest features. Support your existing users and resolve issues they face to earn their trust and establish goodwill. Over time, it improves bottom lines and drives more audience towards your app products. Even community engagement can help resolve errors in the app and bring out more pressing issues by consensus. 

In the End

In the end, people crave close connections without any underlying commitments. Niche social media apps are a rage today with help communities network between different stakeholders. Examples like Bumble, Glassdoor, Behance, Goodreads, and Letterboxd are examples of social media networking apps that let people stand out, get support, or connect with other like-minded people. If you have a novel idea for a social media networking app, it is just the right time as community building is rising.

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