6 Time Tested Strategies to Boost App Downloads

March 2, 2021
6 Time Tested Strategies to Boost App Downloads

Intense competition on the app store makes it hard for any new app to make its mark. While paid advertising is the surest shot way of app promotion, here are some free time tested strategies to boost app downloads.

These free app promotion strategies can help mobile app marketers increase their brand visibility, bring more traffic and increase app installs.

  • App Store Optimization Hacks

Like search engine optimization can change a website’s fate, app store optimization can do the same for apps. These hacks highlight the presence of an app among its competitors in the app store. The title and description of your app should feature keywords and search terms.

Tools like Google’s AdWords and keyword trackers like App Radar can be instrumental in basic keyword research for apps. Clever app developers submit their apps to app store categories that are relevant but not saturated. Make sure your description is translated and tailored to meet the needs of the local audience best.

  • Design an App Preview

App Preview acts like bait for users to encourage them to download the apps. When done tactfully, it can be a powerful conversion tool for an app. App preview is a 30-second video that showcases how an app works. An ideal app preview works well for branding, shows how the app UI works and summarizes all the main features of the mobile app.

Since video format is an effective medium of explaining how things work, app previews help users understand if an app is worth their money or not. An app preview should be crafted focusing on intricate details like music, choice of clips, app footage and other visual elements that resonate with brand identity.

  • Ask for User Feedback and Implement It

A robust trajectory of glorifying review in another factor that can boost app downloads. App store algorithms acknowledge positive review and rank apps in better places thanks to them. It increases app visibility on the store and also motivates users to download it.

To encourage your app users into rating and reviewing your app, you must issue push notifications at the right time. Strategically using push notifications can boost conversion and engagement rates for an app. 

Even if your app has got certain critical reviews on the app store, make sure you take those in your stride and improve the app to satisfy your users. Ease bugs as soon as they surface, and make it a point to share your contact details with app visitors so that they can share their piece of mind if need be.

  • Boost Your Brand Visibility Online

All new apps need to increase their brand awareness online when thcaey wish to drive traffic to their app or boost downloads. Social media marketers can market the app through social media, blogs and landing pages etc. App developers can optimize their app’s online presence and communicate important details like features, pricing, guides, and allied services with their set of the target audience.

A website and a landing page is the square one of building the online presence of your app. There is plenty of free CMS software that allow ease of web development to businesses. Then there are custom web development companies that can help you curate state of the art web experiences for your users.

Even social media marketing and influencer marketing are important aspects of building a robust presence online.

  • Run a Cost Per Install Campaign

Mobile app marketers often push digital advertisements across media channels intending to boost the number of app installs. In this arrangement, app owners are expected to pay a fixed rate for every app install. It is a win-win situation for both app owners and mobile marketers. The CPI campaign is a very incentive centric strategy that works wonders in improving app installs.

Such campaigns also ascertain that app owners do not pay for an increase in in-app traffic but an actual increase in app installs. Organic increases in the number of apps install thanks to CPI campaigns boosts app rankings on the app store. However, the cost per install varies based on the target audience, location, app platform etc. 

  • In-app Referrals

Testimonials from our acquaintances remain the most trustworthy source of review for most individuals. Incorporating an option on in-app referral in a mobile app can help you boost app downloads. After you target your ideal users, giving them a chance to refer the app to their friends and incentivizing them to do the same can be profitable for your app.

Leverage data analytics to find the ideal set of target users, segregate high-value users from the others and offer them something share-worthy, for example, free subscription extension, discounts or access to premium features etc. Also include a distinct share CTA which prompts your users to share it with their friends. 

In the End                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Even the best UX apps fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel when they are not promoted effectively through social media marketing. Modern app stores are flushed with intense competition, so it is very difficult for apps to shine.

If you are looking for ways to boost app downloads, these marketing strategies present a time tested mix that can add value to your app promotion plans. These actionable tips can revolutionize your app download numbers. Hire social media marketer and make your app a household name!