Best Node.JS Frameworks for 2021

April 22, 2021
Best Node.JS Frameworks for 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a huge boost to the IT sector, one of the world’s dynamic industries. One of the biggest drawbacks that web developers had to face before was that Javascript allowed scripting only by the clients. With the development of Node.JS in 2009, it is now possible for developers to use Javascript language for server-side scripting as well.

Businesses should hire Node JS developers to get the most out of the programming language. Built on Google Chrome’s Javascript Engine (V8 Engine), Node.JS is a runtime that allows you to build fast and high-performance applications easily. Since its development, it has become one of the popular runtime environments for developing applications.

So it’s important to choose a framework that does the job efficiently. Here we have mentioned some frameworks that are likely to rule in 2021.

Top 8 NODE JS Frameworks For 2021

  1. Socket. IO

Socket. IO is one of the most powerful Javascript frameworks used by Node.JS Developers for real-time web applications. It allows communication between clients and servers and vice-versa. It provides great speed and runs on any platform or browser. Some of the major features of Socket.IO are:

  • It provides double streaming.
  • It provides instantaneous data insights to clients.
  • Socket handling is carried out smoothly.
  • Allows you to change data if required and also see the changes.
  • They have a chat app, “Hello World”, which provides fast and easy messaging.
  1. Express. JS

Express. JS is the standard framework for Node.JS Developers.  Although the framework is small, it is quick and trustworthy. Mobile and computer applications can be made using this, and it provides a range of features in them. It requires only Javascript. Hence it’s easier to build API with ease. Some of the major features are:

  • It can be used to make applications having single-page or multiple pages.
  • It provides a smooth routing for inquiries from clients.
  • It can reply to HTTP requests using its middleware.
  • Since it uses Javascript, which is a widely accepted language and easy to learn, Javascript can easily program it. Without Express. Js, you need your routine that is often a tough ask.
  1. Meteor JS

Meteor JS is a full-stack Javascript web framework that enables Node.JS Developers to build mobile and web applications. It is trusted by many developers for its flexibility and is being used by several large industries. Some of its key features  are:

  • With Meteor JS, the need for writing many lines of code is eliminated.
  • The same code can be used on other devices.
  • Its main aim is to provide top-notch features.
  • The structure is not heavy.
  • There is no need of updating the applications based on Meteor JS.
  1. Koa. JS

It is a modern framework formed by the makers of Express Framework. It uses the ES2017 sync capabilities. Although it’s less popular when compared to other frameworks, it has more strength to develop APIs. It doesn’t have a middleware, and each line in the code is rich. It also enables you to organize the parts based on your requirement. Some of its features are:

  • Eliminates codes that are insignificant.
  • Architecture isn’t heavy.
  • Eliminates errors efficiently and prevents crashing of websites.
  • Provides options for making modifications.
  1. Nest. JS

It is another framework for building applications that provide good scalability and maintainability.  Along with modern Javascript, it uses Typescript as well.  Currently is the fastest growing framework in Typescript used by Node.JS Developers. Some of its features include:

  • It provides flexibility and can be used with other libraries.
  • It combines the specifications of Express. Js too.
  • It also goes well with AngularJS.
  • Since it utilizes Typescript, it is trusted by many.
  • It offers a platform to organize the codes properly.
  1. Hapi

It is an open-source Node.JS framework. It is one of the uncomplicated and trustworthy frameworks utilized for building powerful applications. Hapi is new compared to Express.JS and incorporates some great features. Hence it is considered a good option for the Node.JS framework. Some of its features are:

  • It doesn’t rely on any external assistance.
  • Develops chat apps that are fast and reliable.
  • Bugs can be fixed quickly.
  • API  performance is good as well.
  1. Adonis JS

Node.JS Developers widely prefer it for web applications development, not just because it is easy to use but also because it provides great consistency. It is based on the Model-View-Controller framework on top of Node.JS. Different operating systems support it. Some of its features include:

  • Learning Adonis JS is easy, and it can be modified without giving much effort.
  • It gives you a perfect platform to write the code from the start.
  • It is also based on the Laravel framework, which includes many incredible features.
  • Data can be handled in real-time from database software.
  1. Loopback

It is a powerful Node.JS API framework. Its effortless CLI and API browser makes it a popular framework among others. Its key features are:

  • It can handle many databases at the same time.
  • No connection issues are faced.
  • Can connect easily to any database software.
  • Can manage files efficiently and can also run on Cloud.
  • It can generate SDKs in real-time.
In the End

The demand for online platforms has increased greatly after the pandemic. Hence it becomes imperative for companies to have a webpage or a web application that allows them to stay ahead of their competitors. Node.js frameworks make mobile app and web development easy as a breeze. In the end, you must choose a framework on the basis of your product requirements and resources available at hand. The aforementioned Node.Js frameworks are listed on the basis of the web development experience we had using them, their popularity among the Javascript community, and pricing.