Best AR App Ideas for Startups 2021 with Costing

March 15, 2021
Best AR App Ideas for Startups 2021 with Costing

Augmented Reality is the buzzword in the world of app development. Custom AR apps can maximize conversions. AR is the kind of business tool that can ensure that organisations bring home stellar ROIs. Reports suggest that the AR market is growing four times faster than the VR market.

It’s evident that young businesses can use AR tech to escalate their way they serve their audiences and pleaser them. If you are wondering how to use AR for your business, here are some best AR app ideas for 2021. In this article we also discuss the cost involved in building an AR mobile app and how should businesses go about it.

The Best Augmented Reality App Ideas 2021

  • Workout Trainer

The recent surge in the fitness craze has opened up the demand for a home fitness coach app experience. App users would love to have a personal trainer to guide them into achieving their fitness goals in a cost effective manner. Using an AR powered workout training app can help them overcome time constraints of their busy schedules and save them the need to commute to gyms. An AR workout trainer app can guide them in a step by step manner and help them optimize their workouts without any geographical constraints.

  • Live Commerce App

E-commerce is a rage these days. An AR assistant live commerce app can allow app users to shop live and enjoy a realistic experience from any part of the world. Such a video streaming app can be a seller app or even a buyer app. With AR integration, app developers can allow app users to come in virtual contact with sales professionals and take real-time shopping decisions via the app.

  • AR Match-maker App

As more and more technological advances isolate humans making their lives busy, an AR match maker app can help people find soulmates on the contrary. Online dating and matchmaking is a growing segment which can be leveraged through mobile app development. Popular online dating and matchmaking sites like Tinder and Badoo are already benefiting from AR integration, so it’s time more players jump into the area and provide a refined dating and matchmaking experience.

  • AR Medicine Apps

Medical apps are a necessity in the COVID struck world. App developers tap into the growing demand in the segment and develop an AR powered medical app, for example an app in which practitioners can see 3D images of their patient’s MRIs as well as analyze their movements in real time.

  • AR Landscaping App

An augmented reality mobile app can help gardening enthusiasts with their landscaping needs. App developers who work AR functionality into a landscaping mobile app allow users to picture how the garden and alfresco area would look once the landscaping is done.

  • AR Teleconference App

Visualisations facilitate business processes and AR technology can help with innovative visualizations. App developers can build an AR assisted teleconference app to allow teams to showcase their prototype virtually for every stakeholder to see. Site visits, invigilation and demos are a convenient option to check things out in real time with AR teleconferencing apps.

  • AR Tourism App

AR can enliven the travel experience and share relevant information on all places one intends to visit. App developers who combine maps with AR integration can bring great joy to tourists who wish to explore different corners of a geography. Even museums can integrate AR into their apps to tell the rich story that history presents in an innovative manner to the visitors.

  • AR Data Visualization

AR apps for businesses can help with data visualization. The databases that are multidimensional are a popular choice among businesses. AR assisted data visualization apps can image them effectively, or even add a new dimension to the experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an AR App in 2021?

In an ideal world, a mobile app will work on all kinds of platforms and handsets. But this can be too expensive a proposition. So, app developers first assess the target market needs and decide on the type of device they want to build an app for. Businesses can hire AR developers to build an iOS or Android app.

Complex AR apps with multiple features often cost more than simpler ones. Complex or not AR apps must be intuitive enough, have robust features, quality 3D models and should use constant updates to stay competitive in the mobile app market. The app development cost also depends on the country of app development. While app development cost is more in the west, most south asian countries offer robust app development at economic prices.

Firstly, the app developers analyze the app development project requirements. It’s the foundation of building an app that passes all the user’s expectations. Secondly, AR app development requires choosing a software library that can revolutionize 2D markets and add content on the top of the actual image.

The SDK must also support a wide range of devices and should shorten the coding procedure. App developers should also choose an AR toolkit that is open source. You can choose from various options like Vuforia, Easy AR, Kundan and Wikitude. A custom app development company would be adept at developing an app from the scratch.