Best Android App Development Software in 2021

January 18, 2021
Best Android App Development Software in 2021

Apps play an indispensable role in our day-to-day life. From executing simplest of life functions to complex procedures like enterprise network management, there is a mobile app for everything under the sun. No points for guessing such widespread dependence on apps is causing young entrepreneurs to go for development no matter what their business is.

The Google play store boasts of some 2.80 million mobile apps and the download numbers also reached an all time high in 2020. The increasing popularity of the Google play store is why businesses go for Android app development. That said, it’s fairly easy to make a mobile app in today’s day and age.

An Android app development software makes it fairly easy to build Android apps. Using an Android app development software falls under best practices app development and is the simplest solution available for developers and entrepreneurs alike. Build your own Android app or hire app developer professionals to use these state-of-the-art Android development softwares.

Here are some popular Android app development softwares that you can use in 2021 to build Android mobile apps:

  • AppsGeyser

A unique Android app development software AppsGeyser helps businesses build apps through a simple website URL. Even newbies who do not own a domain yet or have no coding experience whatsoever can use their URL to preview their app on AppsGeyser.

This free app development software allows easy preview of website apps and facilitates publication on the play store. Hire app developer professionals to build mobile apps or create an APK file and distribute it for free with AppsGeyser.

  • AppMachine

A popular Android app development software that lets everyone build gorgeous native apps, AppMachine is  a fairly convenient option. App makers must use their website content as a springboard to build Android apps.

They can also start from the scratch. The software boasts of more than thirty five pre-coded, snap together building blocks and fantastic skin selection as well as design features. Users can take screenshots of the app, source a Google PlayStore license and let AppMachine do the rest. Hire app developer professionals and sit back as they create beautiful Play Store apps with AppMachine.

  • Andromo

High-quality Android apps without coding, Andromo offers a sophisticated platform for streamlined app building. An outstanding choice, Andromo lets users make Android apps without the knowledge of any special programming language, codes or even graphic design. The platform boasts of a convenient ‘Build my app’ button which automatically constructs the skeleton of the app.

You can even hire app developer professionals to build apps using Andromo. The app skeleton features a user-friendly dashboard and allied tools. A 14-day free trial allows users to check out the software, discover the tools,  experiment and build their dream app. However, to release the app on Google Play store, users have to use the paid version of Andromo.

  • MobileRoadie

Mobile Roadie brings together custom Android app development and mobile marketing in a powerful all-in-one solution. It is a unique Android application builder with which app developers and business owners can create, manage and access their Android apps.

It is built to support all types of media files importing automatic RSS, Twitter and Google News keywords. The software features a backend that helps users preview their apps, when they hire app developer professionals. It is a language agnostic platform that allows users to pull in data in various formats like XML, JSON, PHP, CSV and HTML.

  • AppyPie

Appy Pie is a great cloud-based mobile app creation tool for Android  app development. Create mobile apps and publish them on any platform without the need for any programming skills with AppyPie.

While it boasts of no-code application development, you can also hire app developer professionals to help with application building. Businesses can integrate their apps with blogs, websites and social media using AppyPie. Innovative features like appointment scheduler and live chat are valuable for businesses venturing into Android app development.

  • BuzzTouch

Buzztouch is a terrific choice for designing an interactive Android mobile app. It serves as a comprehensive tool that supports Android app building. Many

Android app developers consider BuzzTouch as a preferred solution. Hire app developer professionals or use BuzzTouch to leverage pre-written plugins or customize them to shape new features without any limits. It is a free tool and allows unlimited Android app development.                

In the End

We hope you love these easy mobile app builders as much as we do. Not only do they facilitate smart and easy Android app development for non-coders but also make it easy for professional developers to build mobile apps. Use these best Android app development softwares to create state-of-the-art mobile apps or just hire app developer professionals to do that for you.

If you are an app developer you can expedite the mobile app development process for your client and bring down the time to market using these best practices app development in your work process.