Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developer for Mobile App Development

October 6, 2019
Full Stack development


We live in times when technology follows the ‘constant evolve’ principle to reinvent itself at every step that serves users with new products and service solutions. Increased adoption of virtual technologies brings forth a need for the digital presence of the entrepreneurial entity.

Mobile App development is the most preferred way to increase customer outreach for most medium-small scale businesses.  It is prudent to use apps to sell, inform, and educate a user about what a company has to offer, effectively.

However, most business owners get confused when it comes to hiring a mobile app developer for app development. In this article, we introduce you to modern full-stack developers and the advantages of hiring one for your app development project.

What are Full Stack Developers?

Full-stack developers come equipped with adequate knowledge about most of the technologies and programming languages apart for the development of mobile apps. The industry calls these full-stack developers by the name of T-shaped professionals as opposed to I-shaped professionals who specialize in one or two areas only.

Full-stack developers also keep brushing up their skills and technical knowledge to brace up with new technologies and software that make way to the market at regular intervals. Such developers keep themselves updated with the latest trends prevailing in the mobile app development industry. They come well equipped with extensive knowledge in three crucial domains, including the front-end development, backend development, and familiarity with database and web storage.

Why Full-Stack Mobile App Development?

Full Stack development can help you integrate various distinct functionalities within your mobile app. Using full-stack development, allows developers to incorporate a unique code for multiple technologies into the business app. Moreover, since full stack developer is well-versed in programs like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, and many more, they can easily work these into the app design.

They can aptly capture the way you intend your app to look and the way you want the app to function. Some proficient full-stack professionals can even convert intricate Photoshop designs into front end code and can revamp the way a user looks at your app.

Advantages of Hiring Full Stack Developer for Mobile App Development

  1. Easy Switch

Working with a professional Full-Stack developer allows a business to switch between front-end and back-end development depending on the requirement of the app development project. It makes the switch between client-side and server-side of the app reasonably easy for a full stack developer.

Not only does it help the business save in terms of money spent on development and time consumed, but it also omits the need to hire multiple app developers for the project.

  1. Design Structure

Full-Stack developers can handle more than just app development. They are well versed at working on the entire design structure at multiple levels and in various capacities. They know how to code an app, design it, and can thus prevent any possible slip-ups that come up during the app development.

Professional Full-Stack developers go to the root of a problem that may arise during the development process, because of their all-round knowledge of the technology.

  1. Cost-Effective

Traditional mobile app development mandates hiring a specialized front end developer as well as a separate back-end developer. It can burden business with an added cost of development.

Hiring a full stack developer for mobile app development ensures that the tech team is proficient in all the software that is required for the creation of a mobile app.

  1. Clear cut Ownership

It is common for a traditional app development team to comprise of different app designers and developers who try to work in close harmony to achieve the desired product. However, usually, there is a deflection of responsibility or ownership in case of any issues.

Opting for full-stack development omits out such discrepancies. Well versed at the design and development requirements of an app project, a full-stack designer can take wholesome ownership of the app design.

  1. Ease of Upgradation

 Since full-stack developers keep abreast of new-age tech and tools of app development, much better than traditional front-end and back-end software developers, it becomes easier to upgrade an existing business app with full-stack development.

In a quest to make your app development project more user-friendly, a full stack developer can carry out smart features in your app project so that your clients get the best responsive and interactive UX.


Full-stack development is the right choice for a small-medium scale enterprise. Being an expert all-rounder, full-stack developers can overlook the progress of an app development project. In-depth experience and knowledge about app development practices allow them to choose the best app development method. With their qualifications and know-how, they can integrate groundbreaking features to your product to create a buzz in the market.

The 360-degree view of the product helps fetch better results for the business. Not only can they execute agile projects with skill, but they can also function as technical heads because of their deep understanding of the project.

Conclusively, it’s fair to say that Full stack development is not about broad expertise. Instead, it is about wholesome knowledge of how the different elements of development interact with each other and come together to form a complete product or solution for a particular business project.