Remarkable Tips to Hire Full Stack Developer

August 12, 2019
hire full stack developer

The programming industry is not only dynamic but also has new frameworks, services, and technology getting added to it all the time.

These days, there has been a lot of buzz about Full-Stack Web Developers. Known to be “all-in-one” programmers, these words have been generating quite some chatter in the programming world. While some companies don’t know about this new type of software developers, there are others, like Facebook, who are betting on them and even hiring them at massive salaries. But who are Full-Stack web Developers and what exactly do they do?

Before hire full stack developer understands in simple language, a Full Stack Web Developer is a coder who is qualified enough and can work with both front-end as well as back-end technologies. For example, when building a website or a web application, there are many processes involved.

From the business side of it to the way of presentation of the app or site, or even creating and managing the database and the whole infrastructure, all of these are a part of the process. A good full stack web developer should be able to do all of these efficiently.

There are three stages of web development that a full stack web developer should know. These include:

  • Phase 1 – Presentation: Also known as the front-end system, this stage consists of the creation of the user interface. In this stage, the developer decides how the website should look like and what should be included in it.
  • Phase 2 – Business Logic: Also known as the back-end system, this stage is used for the processing of data or content. It also includes the use of coding languages, frameworks and web servers.
  • Phase 3 – Database: This is the final stage, which consists of the storage of data for a website, data indexing, general queries and connecting to a site through an API.

So, when companies want to Hire Full Stack Developer, they should go for developers who know the above-mentioned basic constructs of development. An excellent full-stack developer can comprehend all the stages and can start work on any stage when needed.

What are the responsibilities of full-stack developers?

Such developers usually have the following responsibilities:

  • They should be able to use coding for developing applications and web programs.
  • They are required to troubleshoot problems and issues associated with the web pages or applications.
  • They should be able to coordinate with other developers and members of the team.
  • They have to manage web development.
  • They are required to outline the different testing techniques for various web applications.

In other words, a full stack developer should be proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Angular, Node, Ruby and other similar programming languages. All of these are technologies that are used to make a website work efficiently, look good and function smoothly.

Tips to Hire A Full Stack Developer:

A web developer becomes a full stack web developer only when they have had the experience of working in the different types of programming languages available. This is along with the various platforms and frameworks of web development. They should be able to connect diverse technologies depending upon the project they are working on.

Mentioned below are some tips that you can follow to hire an excellent full-stack web developer:

1. Educational Qualification:

Always hire developers that have a degree in Computer Science, for starters. Additionally, they should also have a sufficient amount of experience of working with different software and app development in addition to different languages.

2. Team Player:

The person should also be able to work well in a team and help with other programming tasks. They should be a jack of all trades and should be able to work with the requirements of different projects while helping others with their jobs.

3. All-Rounder:

They should have experience of working with the various technologies and frameworks in the areas of back-end, front-end, database as well as the system or infrastructure. Moreover, they should be well-versed in the common full-stack web development languages for both the client as well as the server-side.

4. Problem Solving Capabilities:

A full-stack web developer should know the limitations of hardware, network resources arrangement and troubleshooting also. They should know all the things that could go wrong with the device, what file system should be used, and so on.

5. Knowledge of What the User Wants:

An expert of a full-stack web developer should know about the importance of user attention as well as user retention. It is always essential for a full stack developer should still be thinking about the end customer.

6. Focus on The Goals:

A good developer should know about the needs of the customer and business goals. They should know how the website or web application can become profitable.

7. A Two-In-One Developer:

A Full Stack Engineer should be easily able to switch between the front and back end development without any hassle. They should be able to single-handedly manage the different possible technical glitches and issues by coming up with solutions for them.

8. Experience:

A full-stack web developer works in a way that allows them the opportunity to get experience, information as well as exposure to different projects and opportunities. This, in turn, helps them to gain in-depth knowledge and widen the horizon of their overall work experience. Therefore, when hiring a full stack developer, businesses should choose a person who has immense experience in the field.

9. Knowledge of Technological Advancements:

A good full stack web developer should be well-versed and equipped with all the new as well as developing trends of technology. Since technology is something that is ever-evolving, these developers should know what the needs and expectations of the users are. They should be able to provide the users with information on the latest technology trends and innovations and use the same in their work.

10. Can Find Long-Term Solutions:

The handling of technology can create a lot of obstacles during the development of the web application or program, which can hamper the process. A professional full stack developer, who is helpful in such scenarios, should know how the development mechanism works and how the issues can be eliminated from the root causes. Their focus should be on long-term solutions to problems.


Therefore, a full stack web developer is a sort of a Virtual Employee, who is available to support and help the business at all times. They are an expert on all the things, can ensure the functionality of every stage used in the process of web development. They are also a solution-finder to various possible scenarios, and can easily manage and lead smaller teams. Moreover, they can do the work of at least two different developers, namely the front-end and the back-end, along with others.

Although there are many different web developers available in the industry, it often gets difficult for businesses to choose the developer who not only understands their business needs but is also the right choice for it. With their help, businesses can not only get professional and expert web development services, in addition to profitable solutions for their website, page, application, software or program.