7 OTT App Builders That Will Help You Build an OTT Video

July 12, 2021
7 OTT App Builders That Will Help You Build an OTT Video

The Future of TV is Apps”, the transformation is happening right now, said Tim Cook, Apple CEO. In 2021, the viewers worldwide opt for personalized alternatives like OTT platforms, by replacing traditional Television. OTT is leading in the market as the choice of the content offered to the audience. It entertains both the consumer and the provider.

In fact, according to a report, the Indian OTT market is set to reach Rs 237.86 billion (US$3.22 billion) by FY25. Another Statista report predicts that OTT revenue is likely to hit $150 billion by 2024. As audiences skew towards OTT, more and more media and entertainment players are launching their OTT platforms. The numbers are likely to grow with increased smartphone and internet penetration. More and more budding entrepreneurs are looking forward to launching their own OTT streaming service.

Enlisted below are some factors to consider while choosing the app builder that will help you optimize your OTT to best suit your customer/viewer needs. 

  1. With minor buffering, HTTP adaptive bitrate streaming provides a good experience for high-end and low-end connection encoding a single source media at multiple bit rates.
  2. Custom SDKs and APIs help streamline cloud app development workflows by communicating and abstracting data across multiple software.
  3. Working with video hosting services and content delivery network for delivery for reports and analytics, generating data to map the user behavior. i.e. building a robust recommendation engine.
  4. Securing your Content through Digital Rights Management, encrypted video streaming, dynamic watermarking, password protection, and IP/Geo-Lock as some possible solution 
  5. Monetization Models: More than subscription, revenue can be derived by other monetization models like Ads, in-app purchases, pay-per-view.

Hire professional app developers in India to help you leverage the OTT app builder you choose.

7 User-Friendly Features That Every OTT TV Provider must Look In Before Developing an OTT TV App

  • High customization and personalization using features such as Add to Favorites, Custom Playlists, and User Profiles
  • Access across all devices
  • Engaging and user-friendly video interface 
  • Upstanding availability of customer support 
  • Watch History: audiences can look back at all the previously viewed content, allowing them to start right from where they left
  • Watch Offline: users can download all the series and episodes while having a Wi-fi connection and later watch them without worrying about data consumption.
  • Multilingual Content provides a better outreach and avenues to sell your OTT business across regions and countries.

Top OTT TV App Developers in the Market

1) CONTUS Vplayed

  • Liberty of hosting videos using an on-premise hosting server or cloud-based server.
  • Preventing streaming breaches using Multi-DRM support, access control, and AES encryption fast-rated multi-CDN support to provide no video delay & unprecedented streaming scalability.
  • 100% customizable design, themes, monetization features, user experience, hosting options, and more.

2) Type

  • The live streams are powered by headless video API centric architecture 
  • All video formats & codecs
  • Flexible monetization and data capture 

3) Unscreen

  • It’s a SaaS-based OTT platform.
  • They allow to organize Content into categories, add tags & filters.
  • Their platform is accessible across various platforms like devices and Smart TVs such as Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

4) Daffodil

  • Data Consumption Optimization: Caching, Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS), etc., automatically shift bandwidth to higher/lower levels according to the users’ bandwidth availability, device, and network conditions in real-time. 
  • Enable minimum latency streaming 
  • Zero buffering using fewer streaming resources.
  • High-quality videos by integration with Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions such as Amazon CloudFront, Google CDN, Rackspace.

5) Muvi

  • Build-in features like DRM to monitor and eliminate attempts at content interception and unauthorized download. 
  • Cloud hosting & transcoding that provide Auto Bitrate Conversion for lower internet speed and screen sizes.
  • Dynamic Watermarking is the ultimate answer for privacy tools.

6) Builder AI 

  • Visual app builder with outlined prompts for OTT app prototyping 
  • Supports hosting on popular public cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, or Alibaba Cloud)
  • Provides native analytics and an app performance optimization toolkit

7) Maz Systems

  • Maz is a SaaS platform 
  • Their platform comes with monetization models such as Advertisement, Pay-per-view, and paywall subscriptions.
  • Video Hosting experience across all device Players.
  • Create and deploy native, cross-device OTT apps 
  • Access to a library of premade UI and UX patterns
Wrapping up

The Global OTT TV streaming market is booming. An OTT app is a great way to encash a trend that is a rage among people of all generations. OTT apps captivate masses with creative content. That is why there is an even greater demand for OTT app builders in the market.

This is an apt time for content creators and distributors to build their own OTT app. Choosing the right solution provider by comparing the functionalities and monetization models is ideal for creating an OTT app to thrive in this business. OTT app development is easy if you choose the right OTT app builder for your business. Build the next Netflix or just create a targeted delivery channel for your valuable content with these OTT app makers.

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