WooCommerce Guide to Boost E-commerce Sales

July 11, 2018

WooCommerce is a free and flexible eCommerce WordPress plugin that is well known among numerous merchants, including B2B sellers. It’s a standout amongst the most broadly utilized WordPress plugins, and it runs a great 29% of all online business sites. It is popular because it is open-source, free, easy to use, and can help make your products get the attention.

SEO can be a whole different ballgame when it comes to e-commerce – and WooCommerce particularly. The basic principles of applying SEO techniques on your site to make it search engine friendly still apply, but there are a number of pros and cons you need to keep in mind when working on an e-commerce site. When you are running an eCommerce store, you know it is extremely essential to get great rankings by search engines. Google and other search engines use their own algorithms to decide how to rank the search results for every keyword or phrase. Therefore, it is very critical to follow the expert guidance on the matter to make sure you get good traffic on your site.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate to you some noteworthy WooCommerce SEO tips you can take to help your SEO traffic and sales.

Use Unique Title Tags
Yes, you are writing content for product pages and not blog posts, but that doesn’t mean you can hold back on the content and ignore the title tags. Every product you enter should have a title tag, and preferably, an H1 tag that matches. Moreover, each title ought to be one of a kind to each item, because search engines may disregard duplicates.

Product descriptions
Your product descriptions are also one of the most imperative parts of a good e-commerce site SEO. There are a couple of basic advances you can take to ensure your product descriptions are well in line with both user and search engine expectations:

1. Use keywords: Descriptions are a perfect opportunity to take advantage of your long-tail keywords. Make the description interesting and enjoyable to read. With more precise keyword, you will get more qualified clients and a higher conversion rate.

2. Never duplicate: If you sell a lot of products, which are, similar, it may seem easy to just copy and paste the same specs and throw in the towel, but this could actually do you more harm than good. Write unique descriptions for every single product or hire a copywriter who can do this job more professionally and beautifully.

3. Avoid generic manufacturer descriptions: If you use generic manufacturer descriptions for your entire product, it can create multiple content issues, which will affect your search engine presence. These generic descriptions are also not extremely supportive to your clients. Instead, you should include descriptions of products that set it apart from other similar items.

Pay Attention to Images
Another vital WooCommerce SEO tip is to capitalize on your picture. You definitely realize that high-quality images are key to a fruitful online store, so you ought to have them for every product. Now you just need to use keyword-rich ALT tags when you put them on your website.

Setup Google Shopping Feed
Another WooCommerce SEO tip is to set up a Google shopping feed. Doing so will put images of your products on the top of the search results. When the images are clicked, they already know what they will get, and they will be redirected to your site, which will also improve your conversion rate. The Google shopping feed can also be utilized with a PPC campaign so it helps both your organic and paid traffic.

Site navigation
The navigation process on e-commerce sites is often ignored, yet it has serious impacts on both SEO and customer experience. An easy way of enhancing your site’s navigation is to include “breadcrumbs” on your pages. These are small links on each page that explicitly demonstrate your site’s design, both to users and to search engines.

Schema and rich snippets
Adding schema markup / rich snippets to your product listings is an incredible method for taking your SEO to the next level. This HTML markup is fundamentally a progression of data identifiers that helps web crawlers to understand and index your website on a much more profound level.

Use the Yoast SEO Plugin
Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress sites. Yoast SEO permits you to pick a focus keyword on each page of your website, and afterward gives you suggestions to utilize it suitably on that page. Focussing on the correct keywords guarantees that your site draws in the correct visitors that are probably going to be changed over into leads and clients.

Security above all
You need to ensure that your WooCommerce store is secured with an SSL certificate. Other ways to secure your store include setting up an intricate password for the site’s administrator account; updating the WooCommerce store to the latest version and regular Security is a definitive prerequisite for any web store. An insecure web store basically implies no sales.

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