Why SEO is Better than the Paid Advertising (PPC)

August 20, 2021

Think that you just made a new product or service for your business. You eagerly want to share it with the world. But wait! You don’t know how to market it? You don’t know how to target the audience? Trust me, you’re not alone! Many business owners are going through the same issue and are in search of a relevant solution.

Most of the time, the answer to a problem can be boiled down to a choice between two marketing strategies: PPC campaigns or SEO. Most people prefer not to invest money in the initial stage of their marketing business. If you can relate to this case then SEO is the primary solution for your problem. In this article, we are going to discuss why SEO is a step ahead of paid advertising. Before discussing SEO’s pros let us know what exactly SEO and PPC are.


What is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is known as “organic” or “natural” lead generation. I will tell you a little more about search engine optimization. SEO is generally defined as the process of making it so that a website appears at the top of search engine results. Organic SEO is a process that involves making sure the spider made the right decision to crawl and index your content. It’s done by making sure these spiders can understand what is on your web pages and so that, ideally, they’ll rank your site higher than your competitors.

As soon as you put your efforts into SEO, you increase the chances that your target audience will find you as soon as they make a Google search. Developing inbound links from other sites can explain your “link authority” and improve your ranking. Activities such as writing blogs, social media marketing, and making videos online will help to accelerate the reach. 


What is PPC?


PPC stands for Pay Per Click. When you buy clicks or visitors from a search engine it is known as PPC advertising. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to quickly leverage search engine traffic by bidding for or paying for keywords related to what you are selling or a service you’re providing. Search engines primarily use the keyword method to determine whether the search keywords are relevant to their target markets or not. You must have noticed that the top search results are tagged with an “Ad” marker whenever you search for something on google. 

PPC advertising will help your business to stay on the top by competing with other brands present in the market. In case you don’t have the domain then your website will be ranked organically. The pricing of PPC depends on the size of the company and the keywords that you will be targeting.


Why SEO is Better than Paid Advertising?

Better Seo
Better Seo

Few major pointers are discussed below that show why one should go for SEO over PPC.


1.Overall 68% of the web traffic is due to SEO and PPC. Where 53% of them are from search engine optimization and 15% are from PPC. The value of SEO searches is way above PPC. So calmly working on SEO for your brand is the ultimate key.


2.Organic SEO is very cheap as compared to PPC. The cost of hiring labor and setting up the whole campaign is pretty similar for both SEO and PPC. But the major cost difference occurs when the charge of every click starts generating in PPC campaigns.


3.SEO takes time but is long-lasting as compared to PPC. Once it gains recognition from Google, your website will appear on the top for a long time. Whereas in PPC campaigns it will stop appearing as soon as you stop paying. Thus the search traffic in SEO stays the same on the other hand PPC vanishes as soon the budget of the company dries up.


4.The place made by a website by SEO is very stable as compared to PPC campaigns. The PPC campaigns solely depend on the bidding so fluctuation is very evident in such cases.


5.Constantly appearing on the top whenever people will search-relevant keywords, SEO gains a form of trust among the target audience. The brand gets recognized and the audience even starts marketing by word of mouth. It also becomes very significant that your brand has mastered those topics.


6.One can easily work on every funnel of sales by using SEO. As not every person who is googling is at the same stage of the sales funnel. Some just saw the website for the first time and others can be at the last stage that is the payment. By using SEO one can write blogs for each stage in order to attract the audience. On the other hand, PPC campaigns will just appear and will show specified information without analyzing the funnel stage of sales.



If you believe in persistence and want to achieve long-term goals then SEO is the ultimate solution. Working on each step every day will bring your company one step closer to success. We at OVE believe that the best part is that the investment is way less as compared to PPC campaigns. Thus, it is perfect for small businesses. One can grow and flourish their business just by simply following each step of SEO with a calm mindset. Make sure to research enough before putting your thoughts and manpower in SEO.