Why is React JS Best Choice for SaaS Based Product Development?

May 10, 2021
Why is React JS Best Choice for SaaS Based Product Development

React.JS is a popular JavaScript library for frontend development. It helps product developers with creating engaging and interestingly reusable UIs in their end products. React.JS is the go-to choice for single-page applications, thanks to its capabilities of developing fast web apps with almost no coding.

Impressive Features of React JS

Often touted as the go-to JavaScript framework for SaaS development, React.JS has multiple perks to offer. Hire software developer to leverage these bountiful advantages during your SaaS development project.

  • Virtual DOM

React.JS web apps enjoy robust performance thanks to the Virtual DOM. The feature helps software developers update and compare the new state of an object against the previous one. Virtual DOM changes only those particular objects in the real DOM, which the before and after comparison highlights. It is an indispensable feature for a development team looking to fast-pace its efforts.

  • JavaScript Syntax Extension

React apps use JSX as its syntax extension to JavaScript to decipher the UI’s look and feel. JSX is not HTML in itself but embeds it into JavaScript code. SaaS developers can jot down HTML structures in the same file which contains the JavaScript code. JSX understands and creates error-free codes by steering clear of the JavaScript DOM structures.

  • One-Way Data Binding

Singleway data flow streamlines the workflow making it flexible to meet the individual needs of the SaaS product. Here the software developer can shield child components inside of the bigger components. This feature helps with error detection and enhancing the quality of the software product made with Recat.JS.

  • Modular Architecture

Components are pieces of UI. The UI in React.JS can be split into independent, reusable parts that are processed individually. All React.JS applications comprise components that serve as building blocks in software development. Any given app can have a multitude of components, each with an individual set of logic.

  • React Native

React Native can help with building native apps with best-in-class UX. Software developers can build platform-specific apps that use an easily shareable codebase. Thanks to its native components like view, text, and image that belong to React.JS’s native UI building blocks. The close similarity between React Native and React.JS software developers can easily transition from web to mobile. It’s in the interest of the SaaS business to use React Native to create MVPs.

Why is React JS Best Choice for SaaS-Based Product Development?

Here we delve deeper into the perks of using ReactJS for SaaS product development.

  1. Better Performance

SaaS developers need technologies that help them execute multi-fold tasks without delays. SaaS UX development is best done with React.JS’s re-rendering style that cuts the time to a minimum. Virtual DOM optimizes the web app development process for speed through logical component tracking and re-rendering as per a user’s interaction with the app. Reactjs Virtual DOM guarantees the most efficient resource allocation and streamlines workflow. It saves SaaS developers from the need to refer to any boot-strapping libraries. The absence of code-heavy frameworks makes the SaaS application development and deployment a breeze.

  1. SEO Power

Be it a website, app or web app, SEO is a definitive factor in its success. React.JS framework promises a faster rendering experience to reduce page load times. It helps the SaaS app to excel in real-time performance regardless of traffic volume. Latest SERP algorithms accolade web businesses with faster page loading times as it adds to the UX. React.JS can help with search engine rankings, bring in more organic traffic by increasing the page load speed.

  1. Ease of Migration

There are times when a SaaS business deems it fit to migrate from its current tech infrastructure to a completely new one. It can be a mammoth task as it requires a lot of effort and is often resource-consuming. React, being the malleable framework it follows JavaScript standards and makes migration a breeze for SaaS developers. Businesses don’t have to shut the system down for maintenance which makes them very self-sufficient.

  1. Streamlined Development

SaaS developers often struggle with writing code from scratch for every new client they work with. React.JS offers developers a code reusability feature that lets them use minuscule building blocks called components. It’s simple to develop top-notch SaaS apps by using a mix of different components. Each component holds an independent logic and a unique set of actions.

  1. Simple Transition

Due to the wide adoption of mobile handset devices, mobile apps are a must-host even for SaaS businesses. To transform SPAs to mobile apps, React Native is clearly the best option available. With JSX syntax, SaaS developers can quickly use mobile-optimized JS components in the native version and then carry on further development work.

In the End

Every SaaS business is on the lookout for a UI-friendly and fast-paced technological infrastructure. SaaS developers often lookout for a flexible framework that can streamline the SaaS development lifecycle and guarantee excellence in the outcomes. Popular brands like Netflix, Pinterest, Dropbox, Shopify, and MailChimp are praised for the JavaScript framework. When presented with a choice, React.JS ticks all the boxes just right. Ensure better customer experience and higher returns with React.Js.

We hold the promise of stellar SaaS development, thanks to our React.JS developers.