How to improve conversion on your eCommerce Website

November 3, 2021
Why Does Your eCommerce Website Fail in Conversion? What You Can Do Instead?

Are you tense regarding the effect of a low conversion rate on your website? If the people who are visiting your website are not converting into buyers, or there is a drop in the conversion rate. You should surely take a step to recover the lost leads and amplify the sales.

The first and most important step is to identify the reason behind the drop. There are lots of explanations for it, and we will look at them in this article. By the end of this article, you will surely find the reason behind the low rate of conversions and possible ways to solve them.

1.Bad first impression

It is a common reason behind the low conversion rate. Many people don’t like what they see on the website or sometimes they are not able to find the information that is needed. If you’re getting a good amount of traffic but no conversions, then focus on troubleshooting the design of the site. Along with the design, keep in mind that it should be usable. One should get essential information without any hassle.

For such issues check the conversion rate metrics, user flow, bounce rate, and your conversion funnel in any analytics software. It will help you in detecting the issue with ease.

2.Your site is not optimized

If you’re facing a decline in conversion rate then search engine optimization can be a factor. SEO is about optimizing the content of the website so that it appears on the top whenever someone searches any related keyword online. It is very crucial to do keyword research for your niche and make sure that your web page meets the needs of the searcher.

3.People are not able to understand your product

Keeping the product pages elegant yet understandable can also change the dynamics of the conversion rate. One of the major reasons why few website product pages have a low conversion rate is because they don’t know the right way of demonstrating the product to the target audience.

It is essential that shoppers understand how a product or service can solve their problems. So describing the main features of your product will definitely increase the value of the product and people will end up buying them.

4.Lack of trust

One crucial reason can be the lack of trust of buyers for your website. It can be built by avoiding spam marketing and insert real customer reviews for a better experience for new buyers. You can also write your address, and contact details on the official website. It will work like wonder if you will include trust seals so that shoppers know their card details are safe.

5.Checkout process is difficult

Baymard’s research has proven that two-thirds of purchases are abandoned with 27% people because of the complications in checkout. Some ways to improve the checking out process are as follows:

  • Try your best to provide a progress bar for shoppers to make it clear that this key will take them to the checkout page
  • Provide products images on the checkout page to remind people what they are buying
  • Always include trust seals and shipping information for the buyers
  • Add some testimonials to make the buyers confidence in their decision

6.No remarketing or retaining strategy

Remarketing is an important part for all the eCommerce stores to amplify their conversion rate. It is an amazing way to grab the attention of people who visited the website and left without purchasing anything. It is crucial as many people don’t make a purchase at once.

You must have noticed that after leaving the website and using Facebook or Instagram, you get an ad for the same product there. This action is a part of remarketing and is very effective to increase conversions and engagement on the website.

One can also adopt an email retargeting campaign by sending offers to people who visited the site before or personalize pop ups to amplify sales, etc.

7.Tracking code is not active

If you’re wondering about the reason behind the drop in conversion rate, one external factor to be considered is your analytics tracking code.

A sudden drop in the rate can also be because the code hasn’t been installed properly or needs to be updated. It is important to keep a check on the tracking code and you can also set it up to track micro-conversions for attaining better information.

8.Wrong Pricing Strategy

According to Lemonstand, price is one of the most important buying factors for 60% of the buyers. So, it can be one of the major reasons for the drop in the conversion rate.

One can improve pricing strategy by using psychological techniques like product building, inserting the number at the end, rather than keeping a roundup price. Try using small fonts for price and it should have few syllables when read.

9.No Live Chat Option

People love getting their problems resolved by talking and that can be only done by live chatting. Offering live chat helps when people face issues while purchasing the product as it works as a helping hand. According to Neil Patel, it can boost the conversion rate by 45%, which is a lot. Consider adding this feature on your website to see the magic in sales.


Building and managing an eCommerce store is surely not an easy task. So, if you’re planning to build a store, make sure that your website is good enough to convert the viewers into buyers. Till now you must have got the reasons behind the failure in conversions and how it can be resolved. But, If you think that you’ve done every possible thing but the conversion rate is not increasing, then taking feedback from prospective customers can be a great help.