What Makes .Net The First Choice For Web and Application Development?

December 7, 2018

A business management software contains a set of procedures that simplify the course of business operations.

The management software for logistics, warehousing, production, and sales allow to carry out numerous activities such as:

  • Improve relations with suppliers and customers
  • Manage their commercial skills with greater efficiency
  • Track more effectively the expansion of sales personnel

Making management software for companies means keeping in mind the inevitable technological evolution that ends up making obsolete solutions obsolete.

Any language to create web applications may or may not be able to respond to the needs of structural construction that alternate over time and require the introduction of variations on variations to meet the overwhelming needs of business management.

The scalability does not lie – in all – in the ability of language, but also and above all in the ability of the programmer to use the technology adopted in a functional and forward-looking manner with respect to the potential developments that can be requested by the client.

Which platform is the best for creating business management programs?

Microsoft’s .NET, a versatile and powerful framework that proves extremely practical to realize business solutions in the form of web applications, software for Windows or even mobile app thanks to the recent acquisition of Xamarin.

Our opinion as ASP.Net development company is that today it is important to develop business management programs using ASP.NET as technology.

Why should you develop with ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a framework conceived in 1995 to realize web applications, born from the ashes of Microsoft ASP (definitively abandoned in 2000). It is an open source framework born for Windows operating systems and that accepts languages such as IIS and SQL Server.

This technology is very suitable for creating apps and services with.NET: ASP pages can incorporate all the languages belonging to the.NET framework, so it is possible, for example, to develop pages in C # or Visual Basic.

ASP.NET is free if you buy Windows (that is, the cost of the language is absorbed by that of the Microsoft operating system). Moreover ASP.Net can make use of the network of programmers made available by the Microsoft giant: even if they can not be as many as the group of supporters of an open source language like PHP, they are competent and paid professionals to constantly offer solutions and updates those are able to facilitate the work of corporate software developers.

So we have a world-class software house that continually invests in improving this framework so much so that today ASP.NET is experiencing a new stage of its evolution, the ASP.NET Core version, designed to be lighter and free from the constraints of the system operating, it can be installed on Linux and MacOS systems.

Choosing the Microsoft world and therefore.NET also means countless possibilities for technological expansions, you can practically develop software for any automatic bot context, cognitive services, cross-platform applications, IoT (internet of things), just to mention the latest news.

Mention of note is Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft cloud that we chose to host our clients’ projects: Azure is Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure that offers a myriad of possibilities with all the advantages of the cloud combined with the many technologies developed by Microsoft, so we have a secure and scalable environment at the same time at a low cost.

The development language used in the development of an application contributes to the overall effectiveness of the application. The speed of the management databases is also influenced by the speed:

  • With which the db server can access and modify the data
  • With which the browser executes the javascript code and returns the HTML pages
  • With which the operating system can access the files

ASP.Net, like PHP, is a valid choice to create management software, ideal for those who want to make the most of the potential that the Microsoft world can make available. It can be an excellent option for those who want to combine the solutions developed at Microsoft with new ones created ad hoc belonging to the same family.

Advantages of ASP. Net

This advanced development platform is extremely versatile and is well suited to both the development of applications and websites.

To create applications based on ASP.NET you can use any language compatible with this platform, such as Visual Basic and C # or hire.Net developer.

Visual Studio, among other things, is a formidable visual editor through which you can create applications in a simple and fast, and proves to the extent of those who do not have considerable experience in programming.

There is also a web counterpart, a free equivalent editor called Visual Web Developer Express.

Among the main advantages of .Net development services:

  • Is a versatile, cross-platform and high-performance open source framework
  • Provides all the services necessary for the creation of web applications based on company web servers
  • Includes all the features of the.NET framework
  • allows satisfactory performance in terms of speed
  • guarantees greater security than other frameworks
  • offers less development time (if you have the skills necessary to use it with the necessary expertise)

Personally, we find ourself very well with the.NET technology for the development of business applications, it allows us to develop management programs :

  • From the immediate interface and easy to use
  • Able to meet standard needs as much as in implementing customized solutions tailored to the customer
  • Flexible to introduce creative solutions for the resolution of business needs
  • from the complete ability to customize HTML and CSS

Among the main advantages that we recognize to web applications are:

  • The possibility of relying on any device provided with a browser for web browsing, the machine stop is practically nil, just change device
  • It can be used both on Windows and on Mac or Linux, ie it is independent of operating systems
  • The responsive approach (the software adapts to the size of the device)
  • Great security (thanks to the guarantees that cloud providers make available to protect themselves from the possibility of breakdowns and interruptions of service.

In short, we believe that ASP.Net is a flexible technology indicated to create not only warehouse management software, but also web applications.