What do you need to know to hire a Python developer?

May 31, 2019

Versatility and simplicity are the two features which are needed in Python. These are the two big reasons for the selection of big names like Google and Facebook. Python has a huge reputation and maintains a rank in being one of the best among the top ten languages of programming in the world.

Python is an interpretative language which is object-oriented and has a high-level language which has inbuilt semantics which is diverse. The binding data is very efficient and it is used mainly for scripting purposes and rapid application that’s one reason it is majorly using in e-commerce application development.

The requirement is huge for which the demand for Python is increasing day by day. Choosing one is quite tricky. The clear understanding should be there. The professionals should know what needs to be considered before hiring a python developer.

A few things need to be done before hiring a Python developer; the first one is having sufficient knowledge on it. The professional himself/herself has to be excellent in this field before hiring a python developer. Some of the biggest and the most popular projects that are created on python are YouTube, Dropbox, Reddit, PayPal and many more. Python would dominate the markets by the year 2020.

The process of hiring a python developer

In order to hire an efficient Python developer, the hire manager himself has to go through certain things.

  • He has to design and also learn to maintain the tools and the features which support every project. Listing all the skills which are necessary and which are required for building an idea that describes and bring light upon the responsibilities and experiences clearly in the job ad that is made.  The responsibilities and the requirements that are needed in a python developer should be mentioned.
  • Python communities should be visited; online forums and conferences are the places for the developers who are like-minded. Where they feel comfortable in sharing their knowledge. Here it is very easy to find somebody who matches the criteria’s and is perfect for the job listed as well.
  • It is not that easy to take an interview for a python developer if the interviewer is not from the technical background. Questions cannot be repeated in that case. An interviewer must research before taking an interview with a python developer. Any common question should be avoided.
  • Being patient in order to hire the best Python developers is a challenge as hiring somebody very early without even taking a number of interviews is not right as there are many talented individuals who exhibit remarkable talent in this field so it is good to be patient in order to hire the python developer who proves to be the best. The interviewer should maintain peace and keep his mind very much cool because choosing the right person needs lots of peace of the mind and calmness.

Where to find and hire the best Python developers

In order to hire python developers, certain service where it is easier to print any of the project ideas is a must and it results in hiring the best python developers. The demand for the specified tasks would result in attracting the right group of people.

To hire the python developers from Optimal Virtual Employee, we have introduced a very useful feature which is needed in combining and coordinating the ideas that are great and the professionals that are high-level. The hiring manager has to keep in their minds, four criteria which would help him/her to hire the most suitable candidates.

  • The timeline of the project should be kept in mind
  • The experience level of the developers should be considered.
  • The numbers of developers need to be hired.
  • The budget of the project should be remembered while hiring. The salary that needs to be fixed should also be remembered.
  • A technical interview should be scheduled, for getting to know the technical knowledge of the candidates.
  • A testing task which for evaluating the real task.

Before hire python developer decide the salaries and the rates 

There are some main steps which are adapted for influencing the payments of the python developer. The location, the experiences, and competence are these. The US still happens to be the largest country that is paid for most of the specializations in IT.

While the salary of the junior python developers in the states can be 75,000 dollars and according to indeed, the senior developer usually earns more than 100,000. All seem to be fair in the hiring of python developer.

The main processes include viewing of CVs, scrolling down of web pages, being a user that is permanent and visiting the conferences and all the forums can be included and all these processes would benefit the hiring managers to find the most efficient python developers. All seem to be fair in the hiring of python developer.

The main processes include viewing of CVs, scrolling down of web pages, being a user that is permanent and visiting the conferences and all the forums can be included and all these processes would benefit the hiring managers to find the most efficient python developers.

The different types of questions asked

There is a list of questions that are asked in the interviews attended by the python developers. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • How bugs are identified in the codes?
  • Is there any situation where python would not be used?
  • What is called Unicode? What is utf-8 and how these both are related?
  • How can memory be managed totally by python?
  • What are the differences between the range and the x range?
  • How to get the cache, which is called Google caches? Of any of the web pages or URLs??
  • What are the main differences between the deep copy and the shallow copy?
  • What is meant by the development of python??

The questions of the interviews should not be limited and the knowledge of the market and the ability of time management should be kept on the minds of the hiring managers.

LLL Technical round

After the question and answer round is over, the candidates that are selected for the technical rounds. For this, some of the points are needed.

  • Knowledge about the version numbers of python should be there.
  • The basic management of memory which includes copy and slicing of the structures.
  • The usage of shell in Python.
  • The functions and the classes and the generators
  • The usages of SYS and the OS.
  • The list of the dictionaries and the sets and comprehension.

The skills in testing

Testing the programming skills of the ones who would be hired for a certain project should have some skills and to test the skills the interviewer or the hiring manager needs to check how efficient the individual is like a python developer. A test needs to be conducted with the help of the mock-up of the whole product or by making the use of a template that is well-established.


A python developer, as well as the hiring manager of the python developer, should be both well-informed about the programming knowledge of Python. The one who is hiring and the one who is interviewed should both be specialized in the subject. The way they hire software developers, the python developers should be hired more or less in the same way but many of the processes are different.

To hire software developers, certain steps are the same. To hire Django developers, the process is usually different and to Hire Django developers, a different approach is carried out.