What Are The Characteristics of a Successful Mobile Application?

December 14, 2018

Mobile applications are fairly profitable for every business. Not only large businesses are using them but now small companies that launch a single product also look for a mobile app. In addition, the design and development of mobile applications have also been incorporated into the list of services of many design agencies.

If you are also thinking about creating a mobile application that supports the services you offer on your official website, there are certain things you should keep in mind as users will not only download the application without further ado. There are certain features that every great mobile application must have in order to be successful and make a difference. Here are those characteristics:

Great Design

The design of a mobile application is as essential as the design of a website. In these cases, the first impression is quite powerful so you should make sure to create a mobile application that has a great design, not only aesthetically but also take into consideration the brand and users. There must be some similarity between the official website of the company or brand and the related mobile application. This is part of establishing a brand identity and allowing the user to quickly associate that the application is related to the brand.

Apart from the aesthetics of the application, you must ensure that the user experience is also optimal. For this, there are several factors that you must take into account such as the contrast between colors, the size of the buttons, the position of the menu, etc. The level of functionality of the application also helps determine if the user experience of the mobile application can be optimal and that can be achieved when you hire ios app developer who has designed some great apps.

Unique Benefits

The mobile application that you develop and launch into the market has a purpose and has several benefits. These benefits make the difference when the user decides to download the application. Why will you prefer your application to one of the competition? The answer to this question can be diverse, depending on the service or product that you offer to your users. But it is essential that the answer or answers to these questions are solid. Maybe your application offers a really unique benefit to your users that other mobile applications do not have. Perhaps the secret lies in the trust that users have in the brand. Whatever the reasons, you must be aware of them in order to include them in your marketing strategy.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the mobile application must offer unique benefits that are not seen on the website, in case you also offer an online service available from browsers. It can be, for example, the ability to order online, make reservations, access special promotions, customize orders, shorter delivery times, etc. For this, you might need to hire a mobile app developer who has an extraordinary experience.

Offline Functions

Not many applications contain availability without an internet connection. In certain cases, a good service cannot be offered unless a network is accessed and up-to-date information can be downloaded, so the offline option is one that only a few applications can possess. But if it is possible to implement this function in your mobile application in any way, we recommend you go for it.

This feature adds an additional benefit to your application and users will really appreciate that the application does not always have to use any network or data from their plan to be able to perform some particular actions.

Security and Data Protection

Security is a topic that many users take into account when it comes to the download and use of mobile applications. That is why they only use the official market according to their operating system that contains comments from other users, ratings and download statistics. If it is about stores or any other application that offers subscription service, then you must be much more careful with the security of your users to avoid that important data may be compromised.

As it happens in the pages of online stores, you must win the trust of visitors and ensure users that their information is protected. It is not only about affirming blindly, but about taking the necessary measures so that security is not compromised. A small error in security could be fatal for your company because you would lose credibility. Hence we recommend looking for experienced offshore mobile app development agencies.

Optimized Marketing

You know that competition in the mobile application markets is tough and there are thousands of mobile applications, so it is important to offer different benefits and differentiate from the competition. But not only that, it is also necessary to carry out marketing actions to make the application known. You start with a website dedicated to the mobile application where the benefits are detailed. In some cases, you already have a website and the mobile application is like a kind of extension of the services or information that is offered on the site.

Apart from considering a website, you must take into account the promotion through social networks and also make sure you have optimized your application for search within iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Store. Also, it never hurts to extend these marketing actions within the same application to prevent users from being inactive.

Regular Updates

Despite performing tests prior to the launch of the application to avoid errors, it is likely that as users use it they detect certain errors. Although this is not positive, if users detect errors they are likely to say it in a comment or report it directly through the same application or web page. This is a great opportunity to show that you really listen to the criticism and comments of your users, finally, the mobile application is directed to them.
Also, it is likely that with the passage of time you make big or small improvements to the application and for users to enjoy them it is necessary to update them. Leave the latest version of your application in the application markets is positive because it tells users that there is a group of people who are interested in improving the operation of the application.


As you see, successful mobile applications do not only have a good design, but they present additional features that you may not have considered important. However, for users, they have value and really appreciate them if they find them in their mobile applications. These features have the power to make your mobile application one of your favorites and use them frequently.