The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses and Why CTOs Should Care

April 15, 2019

We live in an age where mobile apps are on the rise. The market has become a fierce battleground of strategies. People are doing immense research on the ways to design effective strategies focussed on mobiles. There are a huge number of opinions between strategists about what plans work and which ones don’t. However, they still agree on one thing that investing in the building a good mobile app is a must for companies who look to boost their revenues, whether they are big or small. And here are the benefits they provide.

The practice of Direct Marketing


An efficient and effective channel for direct marketing, Mobile apps help in delivering key pieces of information like the range of products and services, and their prices along with the discounts offered. This key information is provided to your potential customers in as easy as a simple tap. You can also try to engage with the users of your app through push notifications and alerts.


Further, people tend to give more credibility to a business in today’s time when they have a mobile app, compared to those who don’t have the same. This case is highlighted when we look at small businesses and start-ups.

Improving your Customers’ Experience


As recently as the last decade, smartphones were just another fancy gadget. But over time it has evolved to become a necessity in our everyday life. Almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, and this makes the idea of a mobile app much more relevant. You can connect better and to a wider range of audiences than ever before, and that too in new and engaging ways.


When you add features like AR and multi-device connectivity to your app, it leads to an improved and fresh experience for the users. Your mobile app acts as a path to make your business stand out from your rivals.


Expert mobile app developers can help you create an app also help in to reduce the cost of mobile app development which helps people interact with your business, not just in-store, but also on an online platform. And the more they interact with you and your app, the more likely they are to choose you when they wish to make a purchase.

Maintaining Your Customer Base

When you have a mobile app, you obtain a lot of data about your users by monitoring their preferences, wish lists, carts, and purchases. Through proper analytics and data mining techniques, you can use this to your advantage to retain your current customer base besides gaining new customers.


Location-based purchase recommendations or push notifications based on usage, personalized offers and discount, and loyalty point system are all ways which will keep your customers hooked to your services and avoid the need to check out a rival app.


The CTOs of any company should also favor mobile apps for their potential ability in maintaining the cycle of continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. Hire app developer to manage three engines of business for growth and increasing revenues.


Continuous Delivery is getting all new features, bug fixes, changes in app configuration and experimental features to the mobile app for your users to benefit from. This has to be done in a safe and quick manner.


Continuous Integration is a practice used in by app developers to help integrate the code on their shared repositories every day. Then their code is checked using automated algorithms for verification. This helps a team in identifying any issues at the early development stage and patch them accordingly.


Continuous deployment is like an extension to the practice of continuous integration. This process mainly aims towards the reduction of time taken between the programming of one line of code and the actual execution of that code in production processes.


Mobile app developers benefit here through a faster time of development. This also provides quick feedbacks and time to plan actions when you hire a mobile app developer. Increase in the efficiency and productivity of your business will be quite visible.


You can use smart processes based on pre-planned timelines to grow your brand with the help of these. When you hire app developer you essentially invest to improve people’s sense of product quality.    Hire mobile app developer today to improve customer satisfaction from your services.