Should You Continue With Your Digital Marketing Agency in Covid-dominated World?

April 21, 2020
Should You Continue With Your Digital Marketing Agency in Covid-dominated World

While the United States Government imposed a country-wide lockdown and social distancing measures, several businesses are facing a temporary disruption. In this scenario, business owners are asking themselves whether they should continue with their digital marketing agency campaigns or pause them for the time being. 

The decline in the US economy has been unprecedented and has taken everybody by surprise. There are many strategic issues that the companies have to weigh, which can affect their health & survivability. Since the stakes are really big, we will desist from making sweeping statements on how you should handle your digital marketing agency decisions. We would rather give you a broad perspective and help you understand the impact of your decisions.

Devise New Offers:

If you do plan to continue your digital marketing agency campaigns, you need to have a relook at your offers and devise new service packages that are in line with emerging needs. 

Take, for example, the case of Comcast Corporation. As a part of their response to COVID-19, they decided to offer Free Internet Essentials service to eligible new customers. Their initiative was designed to help low-income households get free internet service for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown. They also increased the speed of their internet service to all existing customers, so that they wouldn’t have to face disruptions if they are working remotely.  Another initiative was thousands of hours of Free Educational Content to students in the K-12 segment. That was designed to support remote learning for kids, since their schools had been shut down. Both these initiatives were promoted extensively through digital marketing and social media. The promotions received a good response from customers and helped create a positive image for the company as well. 

Make your new offers relevant to customers and businesses with imaginative and difference-making measures. They should help your customers get over with the crisis and help them tide over their day-to-day difficulties. When you decide to do that, you can communicate it effectively through your digital marketing agency. Whatever funds you deploy on those digital marketing campaigns, will give you a good return in the long-term.

Rework Payment Terms

Some of your customers might be facing short-term cash flow problems and therefore you can help them by reworking your payment terms. This will help maintain business continuity after the crisis is over and also open the possibility of winning new business.

Take the case of Optimal Virtual Employee. They were approached by a 3-year-old digital marketing agency (client) who expressed their inability to pay the full due invoice for the month of April 2020. In order to extend support to our clients in times of crisis, they worked out a Deferred Payment Package wherein the client would pay only 40% of their invoice amount in April, May & June. As per the deal, the balance amount payments would be spread out over the next 8 months. The deal ensured that there would not be any undue financial burden on the client and the business would continue uninterrupted.

Optimal Virtual Employee is a digital marketing agency that offers expert digital marketers on an hourly basis. Since they are based out of India, they offer a huge cost advantage. US-based clients can save up to 70% on their staffing costs per year! The hiring rates start from $9 per hour and there are dozens of resources available to choose from. As a digital marketing agency, they have been providing services to over 200 international clients and this initiative is a part of their endeavour to support businesses all over the world.


Therefore, if you decide to go ahead with your digital marketing agency campaigns during this crisis, you must work out innovative and creative plans that not only attract new customers but also retain the existing ones. This way, you will be able to ensure the health and well-being of your employees and your business. 

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Don’t give out offers that have no relevance to the current situation. Something like an “annual rewards program” might not work at all! Your customers need an immediate solution and not a long-term plan.
  • Don’t take undue advantage of this situation. Rolling out offers that make the customers think that you are simply lining your pockets in this crisis, is likely to send out the wrong message. It might dent your image and result in loss of business.


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