Reasons To Outsource and Develop Your Website In PHP

November 21, 2018

PHP is becoming increasingly popular for the development of web applications. Not only small businesses but also large companies are relying on this scripting language. This development environment is so interesting because PHP offers some advantages over other alternatives. Before you hire a dedicated PHP developer you must read the benefits it offers:

1) Opensource
The first and one of the main advantages is that the scripting language is freely available. Therefore, you can save any license fees.
The developer community works constantly to improve the functionalities and makes them available under the General Public License (GPL: software license with which one may use software for free).

2) Easy start possible
PHP builds on programming languages such as C and Java. Therefore, it is easy for many developers it means once you hire a developer expert in PHP, with this background to find their way quickly in this scripting language.
Especially many outsourcing companies in India turn to this platform because it is so easy to handle.

3) Supported by almost all servers
Almost all service providers provide PHP support through their servers. Therefore hiring developer experts in PHP language gives you a wide choice of different providers and is not limited to a few.

4) Cross-platform
The scripting language can be run on a variety of operating systems. It supports usage on Unix, Linux or Windows.
Almost all database systems like MySQL, dBase, etc. are supported.

5) Programmed for the Web only
Unlike Perl, PHP can also be used in HTML projects. It can also be binded with new web scripting languages like jQuery, Node and React.

6) Strong documentation
If there are questions, you can rely on a strong documentation. Not only that, there are countless forums, online manuals, support groups, etc. which are available for all questions.
The documentation is also available in several languages and you do not necessarily have to rely on English information. As most of the languages fail to provide documented manuals in other languages, therefore, get less popular in non-English speaking countries.

7) Fast development possible
The ease of use and existing software codes provided by programmers worldwide make it easy to develop useful applications quickly.
This also means that with such an application one can be ahead of their competitors due to its rapid development.

8) Exciting content management systems based on PHP
There are some popular Content Management Systems (CMS) based on this interesting platform.
WordPress is one of the best-known tools. Almost every new company currently relies on WordPress because it’s easy to handle and maintain.
However, there are also other CMS such as TYPO3, Joomla and Drupal which is used by many to implement websites and similar projects in PHP.

9) Use of external web services
At the moment, Google Maps are the best example. PHP offers the possibility to easily integrate Google Maps into its projects. Not only Google Maps, but also web services are easy to integrate with PHP.

10) Flexibility in development
Some projects change in the course of development. The scripting language makes it easy to make changes during development without losing a lot of time. PHP offers the flexibility to integrate independent modules that can be interlinked with other scripting languages.

11) Worldwide use
PHP is used worldwide and the top language when it comes to outsourcing destination in India. This has some advantages. Suppose a company developing a web application in Germany can easily use it in the US or another country.

12) Big developer community
The scripting language enjoys great popularity. Therefore, there is a very large developer community, which continues to work on the platform.
This is also an advantage for companies because they can then rely on developers worldwide in case if there are bottlenecks in their own region.

13) New versions
Regularly new versions of this scripting language are published. The developer community believes that PHP7 will bring a very strong performance boost in near future.

Nowadays this language can be used for small to highly complex web projects. Big giants like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter provide their APIs those are built in PHP. In the coming years, it is to be addressed that even more functionalities for this scripting language will arise and the handling becomes even easier.