PHP Framework: Web Development Made Easy

January 28, 2019

Given that it is a reality that there are more modern languages and new techniques have been devised to work in a web environment with communications to the server and the database, all based entirely with JavaScript while a large sector of the market continues to work with PHP and MySQL.

So there is still an extensive offer of employment that meet these characteristics and it is not a waste of time to try to catch up with these technologies. Before you hire PHP developer there are a few important tips to consider, today I’m going to tell you where you can start to keep an eye and why. Let’s go there!

Before hire PHP developer understand PHP, JavaScript MySQL

First of all, we must take into account once again, that there are frameworks that will help us in this way so do not give them back. Why do I comment on this?

Having a tool as powerful as a framework is going to improve productivity besides that in companies they prefer that you have mastery of, for example, Zend, Angular or SQL developer which simply know a lot about a specific language “bareback”.

The syntax can be learned on the fly, but knowing a tool seems more attractive. But it does not only happen in web development. In fact, in all types of software development, we find similar situations: from the web, through desktop applications, to video games.

It is not always necessary to know a lot of syntax of a language to master a framework or an IDE.

So when you hire dedicated PHP programmer from India you will know the tools that most sounds in the labor markets are Zend and Symphony. There is also Laravel, but if we stay in European territory, in info jobs or LinkedIn, these are the names that sound the most. Let’s compare them briefly.


This framework wants to start from the idea of the model view controller model that we have already discussed previously in another post. In addition to a current and modern model, Zend also offers us class creation so it includes the object-oriented paradigm.

On the side of the community, we also have some advantages with this tool, since it is one of the most and therefore we will have many facilities to find support for our difficulties.

Yes, not everything is good, because unlike its competitors is a very heavy and slow framework so you must decide if you get the great personalization that comes with the MVC model next to the weight it has.


This is the direct competitor also very requested in the oral offers of web development in PHP. This framework interestingly is supported commercially which makes it have long-term support or Long Term Support (LTS), and that its developer users can trust much more peacefully in it.

The cons? If you want a good performance it is necessary to migrate your existing code to PHP7 which on the one hand is not so bad: it forces applications to stay updated. But what is going to hurt is the learning curve, since with Symphony it is necessary to invest a good part of the time to understand and master it.

Importance of javascript once you hire PHP programmer

What is the relation between PHP and javascript? We must think that despite using JavaScript we need a language that bridges the query between the server and our web interface.

Remember that JS is not only used to write functional logic, it is also used to grant visual effects and added to the aspect, just like with jQuery.

That is our range of web weapons, in this case, would be: HTML for web page CSS with some framework for the visual section, together with the jQuery fixes (here JavaScript comes into play), therefore ensure first before hire PHP programmer whether he/she has a sound knowledge of javascript or not. MySQL for all operations that occur in the server, how to return groups of users, products from an online store, events in a calendar.

And that’s it, with all this we are ready to develop any type of web application that we need, from blogs to online services.

Remember that whole WordPress is created with PHP along with other components but that is just an example of the power that today a renowned PHP web development company India.

Web language continues to be the order of the day and not in vain you are going to invest time in learning this approach different from the usual in this blog to web development.