Java Vs. Python: Which Is More Productive For Your Business?

November 18, 2019
Java Vs. Python

These are two of the most used, and popular programming languages.  Both have a huge community and have developers that swear by them. Both also have a large pool of libraries that one can use. However, along with these similarities, there are a few key differences as well between Java and Python. For example, Java is a compiled language and Python is an interpreted language. So, which is more productive for your business Java or Python? To answer this, let us discuss the things that would make a difference to your business by using either of these.

Availability of the Programming Language

Python was released in 1991, which makes it one of the oldest computer languages around. Java was not far behind as it was released in 1995, and it became a crowd favorite instantly. Within in few years, Java became the most used programming language in the world. Python was way behind with not a lot of people getting into this programming language.

However, over the years there has been a massive increase in the use of Python and in 2018-2019, Python overtook Java to become the most used programming language. Today you can hire a Java developer, or hire a Python developer with equal ease.

Ease of Learning

It is considered that if you already known how to code in C, C# or JavaScript, then learning Java should be easier for you. However, if you are a complete beginner than learning Python should be easier for you. This is because the code in Python is almost as easy as English. Python is considered easy to read and write; it is a well-structured language, which makes it the go-to programming language for beginners.

Today most schools prefer to start with Python over .Net, Java, PHP, or Ruby on Rails as their coding language, as it helps build good coding and documenting techniques. The gap between the number of Java developers and Python developers is decreasing rapidly.


Developers would generally say that a complied language runs faster than interpreted language, which gives Java the advantage. But this would only be true in a lab test, while in the real world the speed of the code depends on a lot of other things as well. For example, the environment and the type of task the code was written to run. Some tasks are performed better when written in Python language and some perform better when written in Java.

So, before you decide to hire a Java developer or hire a Python developer, you need to see and understand the type of application you need. What is the environment that would be used, and what tasks would the code need to perform?

Security Concerns

When these programming languages arrived, application security was not the biggest concern. However, today security is the topmost priority of every business.  Just look at Facebook and its data breach scandal. They have been fined $5 billion, for their security error.

When it comes to the code, Python is considered a more secure option when compared to Java. The complex API’s and a lack of structured docs are the cause for most of the security issues with Java.

Scale of Projects

Both these languages can be used to develop small applications or build commercial-grade applications. With the use of their respective libraries, a developer can build any application using either programming language. However, as Java is a compiled language building large-scale applications in Java is considered easier than building it using Python. Again so before you decide to hire a Python developer or hire a Java developer, you should consider the scale of the application you need.


A study shows that Python developers make more per year than Java developers; this is a good thing to know whether you are looking to become a developer or are looking to hire a developer for your project. If you hire a Java developer you would save on the hourly rate when compared to hiring a Python developer.

However, the big picture is not about the hourly rate of a software developer, the big picture is getting the best version of your application developed. If the kind of application you need suits Python, then hiring a Python developer to build it is the more cost-effective way to go.

Future Trends

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science; are some of the most trending technologies, and have a stronghold in the near future. Everything that we do today electronically has one of these things involved. Whether you are a stockbroker, a Nascar driver, an Astronaut or someone sitting on a couch watching Netflix, these technologies directly affect you.

Even though Java still has a lot to offer, it is faster and more flexible when it comes to large-scale applications. However, Digital experts say that Python takes a leap when it comes to applications involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning and Data Science.

This is one of the reasons Python has overtaken Java to become the most used programming language.


Which programming language would be more productive for your business depends on the type and scale of the application you require. If you are looking to build an application that works with machine learning, AI or data science, or if security is your biggest concern, I suggest you hire a Python developer. If you are looking to build a large-scale application, that needs to be fast and scalable, I suggest you hire a Java developer.

This being said, Java and Python are both well developed, both have been around for almost three decades and have a vast collection of libraries to use from. All you need to do is hire a skilled and experienced developer, whether he works on Python or Java, he should be able to build the application your business requires.

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