Interview With A Remote Working Expert – Marie Jones

July 20, 2020
Interview With A Remote Working Expert - Marie Jones

Over the last 10 years, the number of companies hiring remote workers has expanded manifold. However, it is not easy for companies to find and recruit the best talent. They have to ensure that the candidate has the right skills for the job and the appropriate mindset for optimum performance. With the sudden appearance of Covid-19, there has been a paradigm change in how people work. Companies are finding out that with technology to support them, there is an increasing number of professionals who can work from home without affecting their performance.

In the year 2020, companies and employees have become more conversant with telecommuting at work, thanks to the global pandemic. Remote work has become the panacea for millions of small to large businesses since traveling to work has become extremely risky in view of the Covid-19. Within weeks, businesses have succeeded in putting in place a robust network of remote workers who have kept their operations running. However, some businesses were behind the curve and failed to put in place appropriate measures. They are now catching up with the rest and find out the benefits of remote work.

At OVE, we have a top-rated remote worker Marie Jones, who has worked for over 35 clients over the past 6 years, ranging from small business owners to large corporations. We asked her to give an insight into how things have worked so well for her and what is the knowledge that she would like to share. Here is what she said:


Marie feels that as a remote worker, she should have a flexible mind, to keep in sync with the client. This is especially important in a fast-paced job wherein client priorities are shifting on a daily basis. It is also a prerequisite if the client’s organization is transitioning from one stage to the other or expanding into new business areas. Work schedule might be affected as well as team structure and duties.


An open-minded approach is important for a remote worker when there is learning involved in the process. Sometimes new technologies or software might have to be mastered in order to fulfill client requirements. In such a scenario, the remote staff has to be updated as per the requirements. The job might also require mentoring by an older employee, and thus the remote worker should be open to advice and suggestions.


Marie feels that a high degree of self-confidence is a must for the remote staff for working in cross-border teams that have different cultural backgrounds. She has always felt assured of her roots and her cultural values. That has made her very adaptable towards people from different cultures. A tendency to find commonalities rather than differences has been her forte.


Though there is a multitude of remote worker monitoring software that clients use, it is important for the remote staff to have high work ethics. A client would be most satisfied if the job is done with minimal supervision. Marie has always stepped into the client’s shoes and done the job as if it was her own. She feels that the remote staff has to be even more caring, empathetic, and service-oriented.


Any business has its own environment, be it social or economic. A remote worker thus must be fully aware of the business’s line of work, clientele, area of operation, and the social ethos. For example, if the company is based in the USA, the remote staff must know what is the relevance of Martin Luther King Junior’s crusade against discrimination. Such knowledge will help greatly in furthering the client-worker association.


Optimal Virtual Employee maintains strictest standards when it comes to managing employees. Right from their selection and shortlisting to their recruitment and skill development, we work tirelessly and diligently to help them achieve global standards of service. Optimal Virtual Employee has a range of expert remote staff on its payroll. They work out of our well-equipped office in India. The endeavor of OVE is to provide accurate remote staffing solutions to its clients, irrespective of where they are located. Since our infrastructure is geared to work 24 hours a day, we take up client work from all over the globe. Our professionals are certified and experienced in their chosen domains. They have excellent references from past clients and are confident of delivering best-in-class solutions worldwide.