How To Use Facebook To Engage With Your Customers

February 1, 2018

Facebook stays a standout amongst the most prevalent social media platforms for customers and organizations alike. With 1.86 billion monthly active users, it’s nothing unexpected that marketers keep on using Facebook to associate with their clients. In fact, 42% of marketers trust Facebook marketing is critical to their business and there have been 25 million local business pages created since 2013.

Presently, engaging with potential clients on Facebook can be a tricky thing. When the platform initially developed, a business could post to its page and after that, its clients would see it and offer it to their friends and build engagement organically. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case anymore. Facebook has changed their algorithms and it influences what appears in a fan’s newsfeed.

The determining factor that affects the visibility of a post is how much engagement it gets. Greater engagement means the more probable it is to appear. However, with organic traffic down, it can be difficult for your group of audience to see your post organically and considerably less so later on. While there is always the option to participate in Facebook ads, you don’t need to abandon reaching your audience through organic means either. Experiment with these methods below to enhance your Facebook engagement without relying just on pay to play techniques.

Know your goals:
Once you’ve chosen to set up a Facebook page for your business, you should take a seat and work out what you need from that page. Would you like to develop a client base, to engage with the audience or to increase your sales? To accomplish these things you’ll require a Facebook marketing plan, which ought to have three fundamental stages: attraction – grow a strong fan base; promotion – post strategic posts that are short and to the point; and sales – figure out how to connect with the target audience. Ensure you focus on the content engagement scores inside Facebook analytics, and see what parts of your plans are working and which ones aren’t.

Post When Engagement is Highest:
An interesting thing about posting on Facebook is that when traffic is the highest, engagement isn’t. This makes sense when you consider that if each organization posts at twelve, there would be a ton of rivalry. Rather, when you post at a less popular time, more individuals will see it and likely interact with your post. This is because they won’t have as much information to filter through. As indicated by Buzzsumo, the best time to publish for engagement is between 10 pm and midnight (local time.)

Post Interesting Content:
If you WANT to connect with your potential clients on Facebook, you have to share the type of content they want to see, not exactly what you want them to see. At the end of the day, you can’t simply share limited time posts about your products. That can seem to be spammy and your followers won’t like it. Rather, share different articles, helpful insights, and different kinds of content that will engage your audience while just sharing limited time posts once in a while.

Interact with your Audience:
When you get comments on your posts, make sure to respond quickly and try to drive a passionate response from your audience. This will make you memorable and improve the probability of your post being shared with friends and associates. The objective is to make a characteristic and genuine discussion with your audience. Another extraordinary approach to connect with your clients is to ask them questions or to crowdsource answers for someone else’s questions. When more individuals respond, your engagement rates go up and it builds the number of people that will see that post. This additionally improves the probability that they will respond. After people respond to your question or other posts, make sure you reply back to them, even if it’s only a simple “Thank You.” Engaging with your customers is a great way to keep them coming back.

A photo can instantly attract the client, and it naturally makes content all the more captivating as an audience goes through a lot of content. Also, use real photographs. Try not to depend on stock photography since it can look phoney, cheesy, and even lazy. Using genuine photography, even if it is a snapshot from your phone, can have a major effect. The audience likes to see genuine photographs since they are easier to digest and they like seeing authentic photos even more.

Facebook has developed its own video platform and if you want to connect with your potential customers, you need to take advantage of it. In fact, using Facebook Video versus sharing or embedding Youtube videos is better for engagement. Facebook’s video platform produces 2x more comments, 3x more shares, and 2x more reach than YouTube videos.
People like videos because similar to photos, they are easier to digest and comprehend than posts or articles. They are typically more engaging and entertaining.

Be Consistent:
A straightforward approach to enhance engagement on Facebook is to stick to a consistent posting plan so your audience knows when to expect a new content from you. Facebook clients are online a lot, so you ought to post at least once per day if not a few times per day. Remember that Facebook’s algorithm won’t put your posts your entire audience every time you share something unless they are heavily engaged and frequently visit your page
Facebook users tend to like a huge amount of pages yet they additionally need to see their friends’ updates with the goal that’s what so that’s what usually takes precedence over the visibility of your Facebook business page. However, the more you post quality content consistently, the easier it will be to get a greater amount of audience and inspire them to engage somehow. A smart idea is run a series where you share similar content around that day and time every week.

Facebook Ads:
Promoting your business’ Facebook page can be extremely viable methods for building your likes and customer engagement. There are four distinct kinds of adverts: commercial center advertisements – marketplace ads – the standard adverts and the typical starting point; page post ads – which show up in a user’s newsfeed; sponsored stories – adverts that show in the newsfeed of connected users; and promoted posts – which must appear to existing followers and their friends.

Modify your advert campaign to focus on your optimal client base. You can straightforwardly focus on the clients you need to engage with, and see an enormous return on your investment.

Analyze Insights:
You will have the capacity to decide your page’s reach with Facebook Insights, and perceive how unique Facebook users are interacting with your page and your updates. You can likewise observe when your customers are actually using Facebook thus guide content to them. You can discover where your traffic is coming from, and you can build a professional network with other members of your industry.

You have to find which strategies are best for your page, see what works, and afterwards reproduce your engagement achievement. It is mind boggling and consistently changing, however now you know the basics, you can build an incredible Facebook page for your business.

Drive Traffic to Your Website:
You want potential customers to visit your site and become real clients. Cross-post content from your website onto your Facebook page with the goal that your fans know about your site. Use the About section on your page to guide people to various areas of your site depending upon their necessities, and keep links to your site in the different parts of your Facebook page where people may visit. Add a Call to Action (“CTA”) button that allows the user to be prompted to complete an action by visiting your website or an app.